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Frequently Asked Questions

Getting Started


What is FLASH Pay?
FLASH Pay the convenient, free and safe way to pay.

With FLASH Pay you can pay for everyday purchases, shop online and pay for orders from anywhere at anytime.


How do I download FLASH Pay?
FLASH Pay is only available on Android.

Go to the Google Play Store  , search for FLASH Pay and download the FLASH Pay app or visit our website www.flash.co.za for links to the Play Store.

How much does FLASH Pay cost?


FLASH Pay is free to use, there are no transaction fees and no top up fees. The only costs that you will have is the data that the app uses.

Is there a maximum number of payment that I can make?
No, you can make payments as you like as long as you have enough FLASH balance.

Making Payments


How do I pay with FLASH Pay?
With FLASH Pay you can pay for orders, pay accounts and send money to friends and family all you need is to top up your account with FLASH Tokens.

Paying for orders?
As an Avroy Shlain agent you can pay for your order with Avroy Shlain.
Paying accounts
Beat the queues and pay for your accounts when it is convenient for you.
Step 1: Select “Pay” on the FLASH Pay Home Screen
Step 2: Select “Pay Accounts”
Step 3: Select the company that you want to pay
Step 4: Enter the amount that you want to pay and your payment reference and select “Pay”
Paying friends and family
Send FLASH to friend and family.


Step 1: Select “Pay” on the FLASH Pay Home Screen

Step 2: Select “Transfer FLASH”Step : Enter the phone number of the person who you want to send FLASH to and the amount of FLASH that you want to send to them

Send money home

Send money to friends and family back home with FLASH Send.

Is FLASH Pay safe to use?
Yes, at FLASH we use world class security standards to ensure that your money is safe. We have different levels of security – to the FLASH Pay app you need to log in with the PIN that you created. This prevents anyone who has your phone from using your FLASH balance and making payments – only you should know your PIN.
What happens if my phone is stolen – is my FLASH Pay balance safe?
Don’t worry your FLASH Pay balance is safe – even if someone has your phone they will not be able to open your FLASH Pay app because they don’t know your unique FLASH Pay PIN. When you get a new phone you will be able to download the FLASH Pay app onto your new phone and log in with your FLASH Pay username and password. Your FLASH balance will be available and you will be able to make payments and transact in FLASH Pay like before.

Will my phone work?

Will FLASH Pay work on my phone?
The FLASH Pay app can work on any Android phone (Samsung, Huawei, Sony and others). Unfortunately, the app is currently not available on Apple iPhones, Windows or feature phones. If you don’t have an Android phone you can use FLASH Pay on *130*269#.

Will FLASH Pay work if I don’t have data or if my phones data is turned off?
No, you need to have data and have your data turned on to use FLASH Pay. If you don’t have data or if the network connection you can dial *130*269# to check your balance,  make payments and buy airtime, data and electricity.

Get hold of us

How do I contact the FLASH Call Centre?
You can contact FLASH from the FLASH Pay app Step 1: Open the more menu Step 2: Select  “Talk to Us” Step 3: Enter your personal information and start to talk to one of our friendly consultant

Where can I buy FLASH tokens to top up my FLASH Pay balance?
We have the biggest network of Top Up points in South Africa, you can buy FLASH Tokens at any.

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