5 Ways to Lower Your Electricity Bill

South Africa is an increasingly energy costly country, and we are all looking for ways to save more and waste less money.

So, what are some of the ways that you can save money on your electricity bill? And what really works to reduce usage? Here are 5 ways you can easily lower your electricity bill and save more money every month.


1 Turn Off What You Don’t Need

Not using your hot water? Turn off the geyser.

Watching TV in the lounge? Turn off your bedroom light.

Whatever you are not using, turn it off until you need it. You will be surprised by how much electricity you waste when you are not careful.


2 See If You Qualify for Free Basic Electricity

Free Basic Electricity (FBE) is FREE electricity, and a GOVERNMENT INITIATIVE put in place to support low-income households. The initiative was launched in 2004 and the service provides between 25 – 60-kilowatt hours (kWh) of free electricity per month for qualifying meters.

Find out from your local municipality if you qualify for Free Basic Electricity and you might not have to spend money on electricity at all!


3 Use a Prepaid Meter

No one likes a nasty surprise at the end of the month, and an expensive electricity bill qualifies! Prepaid electricity meters are a great way to view and monitor the amount of electricity your household consumes.

Monitoring your electricity meter is also an easy way for you to gauge what household appliances are using up the most electricity.


4 Buy Electricity Units Locally

For many South Africans living outside of the city centre, buying electricity is more complicated and costly. Not only are you spending money on your electricity units, but you must spend money on transport to get there.

Instead of taking a costly taxi to town, find a Flash Shop in your neighbourhood and get it locally. Saving you time and money!


5 Buy Energy Efficient Appliances

What is the point of a cheap light bulb if you need to change it every month? While LED lights might be a little more expensive, they certainly last longer and use less energy.

The same goes for replacing other household appliances, always look at your options and find the option that is more energy-efficient. Better for your electricity bill, better quality.

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