Our Culture

 Making people’s lives easier

– FLASH purpose

Together we fearlessly push boundaries to transform possibilities into realities so that we can live out our Purpose of “Making People’s Lives Easier”.

FLASH’s purpose of “making people’s lives easier” is a powerful motivator and driver of growth that transforms our business beyond simply making profit. It’s our WHY – the reason we exist. It’s what we want to achieve every day.

We live out our purpose through our unique culture, which is built on 3 values – they are the specific behaviours we care about most. The more these sound like you, the more likely you are to thrive at FLASH!




• We are engaged and passionate about our business and our people
• We go above and beyond to deliver what we promise
• We are self-disciplined and take ownership

We Are All In means that we take pride in everything we do. We care intensely about our fellow colleagues and FLASH’s success. We treat others as we would want to be treated. At FLASH we feel a sense of responsibility to do the right thing to help the company wherever we can. We do meaningful work and we show up to work every day because we choose to be here.




• Supporting people is what we do
• We are approachable
• We grow and value each other

We have an authentic culture where people really care for one another and show up to support their peers every day. We value each other, and we want to see our People reach their full potential. We work hard, grow together and always celebrate as a team!




• We push boundaries to achieve the remarkable
• We embrace change
• We are open and honest

Being Brave is different for each of us. It’s about going outside of your personal comfort zone to grow. We take (smart) risks, we change, and we push boundaries to achieve the remarkable. We do the right thing, not the easy thing, and sometimes this means trying something new and uncomfortable. Bravery means doing the best thing for FLASH and for our team members.

These values help us to make our People’s lives easier by creating a culture where people come to work because it’s a place where they can engage in meaningful work, in a supportive environment where they can be the best version of themselves!



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