Win an iPhone with Flash and DSTV Campaign


Terms and Conditions

  1. The promoter/s of the campaign is Flash Mobile Vending (Pty) Ltd (“Flash”) and MultiChoice South Africa Group (“the Promoters”).
  2. The name of the campaign is “Win an iPhone with Flash and DSTV”.
  3. The campaign will be open from 01 May 2019 to 31 July 2019 (“the campaign period”).
  4. By entering the campaign, you agree to be bound by these terms and conditions.
  5. The campaign is open to all participants who reside within the Republic of South Africa with a valid proof of identification.
  6. Any participant under the age of 18 years must be fully assisted by his / her guardian, who approves of and consents to the participant’s participation in the campaign and the participant’s receipt / possession of the prize.
  7. You are not eligible to participate in this campaign if:
    1. you are a director, member, partner, employee, agent or consultant of either of the Promoters, or its affiliates/divisions/subsidiaries or any other person who supplies goods or services in connection with the campaign;
    2. you are a spouse, life partner, parent, child or sibling, immediate family member, business partner or associate of the persons specified above.
  8. You will be automatically entered into the campaign and stand a chance to win an iPhone if you comply with these terms and conditions and you:
    1. are a DSTV account holder; and
    2. pay your DSTV account at any Flash vendor during the campaign period.
  9. Any payment (as set out in paragraph 8) above will be seen as one entry. You may enter as many times as you want during the campaign period.
  10. Any one account holder may, however, only win one iPhone for the campaign period.
  11. One (1) winner will be announced at the end of every month of the campaign period and there will be three (3) winners during the campaign period. If a winner has won any Flash competition or campaign within the last 6 months, they will not qualify to win again within the said period.
  12. Each month a winner will be randomly selected and will be contacted by no later than the 10 days following the end of the specific month. The decision will be final and no correspondence will be entered into.
  13. The winners will be notified by means of the contact details provided to us. If we or a third party supplier is, unable to contact a winner within 5 working days or if the winner is unable to collect the prize within a reasonable time (which shall not be longer than one (1) month), the winner will forfeit the prize and the Promoter/s reserves the right to re-draw a new winner under the same conditions.
  14. Prizes are not transferable and may not be deferred, changed or exchanged for cash or any other item.
  15. We may require you to provide us with such additional information and documentation as we may reasonably require processing, confirming and facilitating your acceptance and your use of a prize. If you refuse to provide us with the requested information or documentation, you will forfeit the prize.
  16. Any costs or expenses which you may incur other than in respect of those items specifically included in a prize are for your own account.  The Promoters will not be responsible for any costs or expenses which you incur during and for purposes of your entry into the competition and your acceptance and / or use of a prize.
  17. Without limitation, we and our affiliates are not responsible for any entries which are not received by us, whether timeously or at all, regardless of the cause thereof. We are not responsible for any problems or technical malfunction of any point of sale devices, system, telephone network or lines, computer or technical systems, servers, or providers, malfunction of hardware, software, point of sale or any technical problems.
  18. Winners give the Promoters and its authorised agents consent to use their names and photographs for publicity purposes.
  19. By participating in this campaign, you consent to (i) the processing of your personal information by the Promoters and other companies in the Pepkor group, any of their operators, agents and sub-contractors (who may be outside South Africa) on the condition that they will keep such information confidential;  (ii) the collection of your personal information from any other source to supplement the personal information which the Promoters has about you;  (iii) the retention by the Promoters of your personal information for as long as permitted for legal, regulatory, fraud prevention and marketing purposes; (iv) the Promoters using your personal information to send you information about products, services, and special offers of the various companies in the Pepkor group that may be of interest or value to you.
  20. You can choose to be excluded from direct marketing by notifying the Promoters by calling 084 193 5274 / 083 903 5274 or by registering a block on any registry which the Promoters is bound by law to recognise. The Promoters will not charge you a fee to update this request on its systems. The Promoters will give effect to any changes requested by you as soon as reasonably possible.
  21. If any prize offered becomes unavailable for reasons outside of our control, we reserve the right to select an alternative prize of equivalent type and value.
  22. We do not make any representations or give any warranties, whether expressly or implicitly, as to a prize, and in particular, but without limitation, make no representations and give no warranty that –
    1. your entry or participation in the competition will necessarily result in you winning a prize;
    2. a prize, or any aspect thereof, will meet your requirements, preferences, standards or expectations; or
    3. a prize, or any aspect thereof, will be satisfactory, punctual, free from defects, safe or reliable.
  23. Neither the Promoters, their agents, their associated companies, nor any directors, officers nor employees of such Promoters, shall be liable for any loss or damage, whether direct, indirect, consequential or otherwise arising from any cause whatsoever, which may be suffered by the participant as a result of taking part in this campaign.
  24. This promotion is in no way sponsored, endorsed or administered by, or associated with Apple (the manufacturer of the iPhone) and the participants acknowledge that they are providing information to the Promoter and its agents only and not to Apple.
  25. All entrants in this campaign release Apple from all liabilities and claims arising out of or in connection with this competition and these terms and conditions.
  26. The Promoters reserves the right to vary, suspend, postpone or terminate the campaign and any prizes, or any aspect thereof, for any reasons whatsoever and without notice. In such event, you hereby waive any rights or expectations which you may have against the Promoters and acknowledge that you will not have any recourse or claim of any nature against the Promoters.
  27. These terms and conditions are available at