| 02.07.2020
How do I become a Flash trader?

There are a few ways you can become a Flash trader 1. Purchase a Flash machine at any Flash Kiosk, PEP or […]

| 26.08.2020
Where can I buy a Flash machine?

You can buy a Flash machine at any Flash Kiosk, Flash SupaTrader, PEP or PEPcell store. Once you have bought your Flash […]

| 20.08.2020
What is a Flash Shop?

At a Flash Shop you can safely, and easily buy and top up your favourite digital products right in your community, saving […]

| 25.08.2020
What can I buy at a Flash Shop?

Electricity eeziPower (electricity you can buy when the municipality is offline) Airtime for all major networks eeziAirtime (airtime that can be loaded […]

| 26.08.2020
How do I claim Free Basic Electricity (FBE)?

To claim FBE: Dial string *130*269# Select FBE Select NEW Enter your Meter number Confirm meter number Click Dismiss, then SMS will […]

| 26.08.2020
How do I load an eeziPower voucher?

Dial *130*269# on your cell phone Select option 3 Follow the prompts to get your electricity token

| 26.08.2020
How do I load an eeziAirtime voucher?

If you’ve bought an eeziAirtime voucher, dial the string on your voucher to load the airtime on to your cell phone: *130*3621*3*PIN#

| 25.08.2020
Why have my Free Basic Electricity(FBE) units decreased?

Customers get 25 or 60 free units a month. If you exceed that amount, the units you get become less than they […]

| 25.08.2020
Why didn’t I receive my Free Basic Electricity (FBE)?

Some customers do not qualify for FBE, this entirely depends on the tariff plan you are on. To find out your tariff […]