| 24.07.2020
What can I sell with a Flash machine?

You can sell these products and offer these services to your customers with a Flash machine Electricity eeziPower (electricity sales when the […]

| 26.08.2020
Why can’t I RICA other companies’ start packs?

Flash machines only RICA starter packs from Flash with the Flash sticker on them.

| 26.08.2020
How do I check customer’s DStv amount due?

On your Flash Go machine   Select Flash > Select DStv/Bill payments > Select Pay/Check DStv > Select DStv amount due > […]

| 26.08.2020
How do I send Flash to another machine?

As a Flash Trader, you can send Flash balance to another machine at no cost. All you need is enough Flash balance […]

| 26.08.2020
What happens if I sell a Lotto ticket that doesn’t print out?

If you sell a Lotto or Powerball ticket that doesn’t print, call the Flash Call Centre within 1 hour of the sale […]

| 25.08.2020
How do I do a Flash Transfer?

On your Flash Go machine   Select Flash Menu > Select Transfers/vouchers > Transfer to another shop > Enter PIN > Enter […]

| 25.08.2020
How does End Of Shift work?

End of Shift gives the total amount of all the transactions processed on your machine for your day. This is added up […]

| 25.08.2020
“Meter number not registered” error when selling elecricity

The customer’s meter number was not entered correctly OR it is not registered with the Municipality. They need to contact their municipality […]

| 25.08.2020
How do I order SIM cards?

You can now order Flash SIM cards from the Flash app by selecting Orders. If you don’t have the Flash app, download […]

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