When they’re not in our offices building the tech that enables more connections between businesses and people, we encourage our Flash team to be on the ground as much as possible. From our earliest days, one of our brand’s biggest goals has been to stay present in the communities we serve. Our paint projects help us do this, while sharing news about partner promotions, products and campaigns.


Flash recently partnered with Cell C to help get their Home Connecta Flexi (LTE) deal in front of as many eyes as possible. In total, we painted 550 shops throughout South African communities.


More value for customers 📱

Cell C’s Home Connecta Flexi is fast and affordable (@R45 for 4GB) with the added flexibility of being a prepaid option. This value offering is directly aligned with Flash’s goal of connecting our customers to value that makes their everyday lives easier.


The paint project ran between February and June 2023 and covered communities all over South Africa. In addition to advertising Cell C’s new deal, the work done by our paint team is appreciated by shop owners and local patrons, who have said that the association with a prominent brand partner helps their shops look more professional, while attracting more new customers.


Read more about Cell C’s complete Home Connecta Flexi offering here – https://www.cellc.co.za/cellc/home-connecta-flexi#!%23collapseOne1


About Flash Cellular 🚀

In addition to providing Fintech tools to businesses, and making digital products like 1Voucher and bill payments available to consumers; one of Flash’s oldest offerings is cellular network partnership products such as RICA, SIM cards and Eezi (network agnostic airtime and data vouchers).


Everywhere you see the Flash logo, you can expect valuable products designed to create more connections and make lives easier 👊🏾


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