A Flash Trader for 10 years strong, Babalwa attributes her success to being able to buy more property thanks to high profits and excellent service from Flash.

Asked about her winnings, she said “it shows all my hard work over the years.”

She ended with some encouraging words for anyone starting out their own Flash business, saying “Even if business starts slow, keep going and work hard toward your goal.”

Congratulations, Babalwa.

Gazi praises how easy it is to use Flash and plans to use his winnings to gives his employees a bonus. He’s attributed his success with Flash due to the customers it attracts, saying “Flash brings customers to my store every day.”
Asked about what advice he would give to new Flash Traders, he said, “You must always help all customers and be friendly.”

Congratulations, Gazi.

Half a decade of Flash Trading has been good to Khehla and the service station, stating that this win “means such a great deal because we would love to keep the relationship with Flash going into the future.”

We’re glad to have helped Engen Khubonye, and they’re paying that joy forward as Flash “has made the communities lives easier because my shop has become a one stop shop.”

As an ending message to new Flash Traders, Khehla’s advice is “to be patient and always try your best, give everything you do 100%. Success takes time and you will do it with lots of dedication and hard work.”

Congratulations, Khehla.

Mohale says Flash has “increased turnover and added value” to his business and hopes to expand his business even further.

With regards to his winnings, he says, “it has brought encouragement and loyalty to Flash because Flash recognises its customers. The money will also allow me to spoil my family for the festive season.”

He attributes his success to Flash “bringing so much convenience to my customers with its essential products offering” and advises upstart Flash Traders to “sell Flash products at the recommended prices to increase their sales volume.”

Congratulations, Mohale.

After 4 years of being a Flash Trader, Khuliswa thanks Flash for “bringing more customers into my store” and she loves “the profit that I get, and that Flash is helping other small businesses.”

With store renovations on the horizon, she says the winnings maker her “very happy, and it has increased my trust in Flash as a company.”

Lastly, Khuliswa gave her parting advice for new Flash Traders, stating: “Decide what’s important, entrepreneurs need to hold the ability to see what’s not important.”

Congratulations, Khuliswa

Sonja’s only been a Flash Trader for 2 years, but states that Flash has “brought more feet into the store, as customers trust Flash services,” while she enjoys “the margins and the great service from the Flash Rep.”

She hopes to “continue with Flash as I hope to open more filling stations,” and advises new Flash traders to “push hard on sales and ALWAYS have a positive balance to trade.”

Congratulations, Sonja.

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