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Make life easier in your community by keeping your customers' lights on by selling electricity today. With a FLASH machine you can sell Electricity for Eskom and many other municipalities nationwide.

Prepaid electricity powers South African homes and businesses through prepaid meters. Electricity is priced per kilowatt-hour (kWh) and the price varies during the month based on how much electricity a customer uses.

Electricity vending can be done by:

Selling electricity for a customer for their specific meter number
Selling an eeziPower token that can be issued without a customer’s meter number and can be sold when a Municipality is experiencing technical issues.
Free Basic Electricity (FBE) – is a National Government initiative to address poverty by offering a limited amount of free electricity.


Always make sure the meter number and amounts are correct before printing
Make sure the printing paper is inserted correctly
No transaction fees may be charged
Not everyone qualifies for Free Basic Electricity
Some municipalities will deduct arrears owing before issuing the token

What is eeziPower?

eeziPower is an electricity voucher that enables shop owners to sell electricity without a customer's meter number. This helps with faster transactions and bulk printing during busy times. You can also sell eeziPower when the municipalities are experiencing technical difficulties.

If your machine has no built-in printer please ensure that you have a FLASH printer plugged in.
Note – Selling electricity is area dependent and may not work in some areas.
Do not overcharge for electricity. Municipalities WILL disconnect machines that overcharge.

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What is FBE?

FBE is FREE electricity, which is a government initiative to assist households. This amount of electricity is deemed sufficient to provide basic electricity services to selected meters. This amount of electricity is enough to provide basic water heating using a kettle, basic ironing, and power for a small television set and radio. Some municipalities restrict FBE to households that consume below 350-450 kWh of prepaid electricity per month only.

How do I get it?

By simply dialing *130*269# free call on your mobile phone.

When can I collect my FBE?

FBE is available on the 1st of every month and will be valid for one month only. Units will not accumulate to the next month (claim it or loose it). You can claim your FBE units by dialing *130*269# free call on your mobile phone.

What is prepaid airtime & data?

Sell prepaid Airtime or Data to customers to top up your their cell phones FLASH sells prepaid airtime and data for all the major networks (MTN, Vodacom, Cell C and Telkom), as well as a few of the smaller networks like Virgin Mobile, Neotel and WorldCall.

There are two ways you can sell airtime or data:

Voucher – The shop owner vends an airtime or data voucher without the consumer's number, the customer dials a string that is printed on the slip. The consumer will then enter the voucher pin from the traders slip to top up.
Direct Top-up (pinless) – the shop owner enters the customers cell number on the machine and tops up the customers mobile balance with the required amount. This is a direct top up to the customers phone.

Airtime & data for all major networks

Partnering up with every major cellular network in South Africa means we offer:

  • Airtime
  • Data Bundles
  • SIM starter packs & RICA activations

All available at your nearest FLASH shop.

What is eeziAirtime?

Sell eeziAirtime and earn more profit. eeziAirtime is a single voucher for any network. Customers buy eeziAirtime and load to any major network.
To redeem eeziAirtime, dial *130*3621*3*rechargePIN#.
It's safe, secure, and convenient!
eeziAirtime loads to MTN, Vodacom, Cell C, Telkom Mobile, and Virgin Mobile airtime only.

FLASH traders can pre-print and bulk print eeziAirtime to make queues move faster during busy times or when the network is slow. Customers will still get the same network benefits with eeziAirtime.

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Account payments with FLASH

What are account payments?

FLASH traders are now able to offer their customers the opportunity to pay their accounts at their nearest FLASH shop. FLASH has partnered with Dstv, Pay@, and PayCity to bring these services to you.

What are the benefits of offering account payments?

Most account payments have weekly or monthly payment cycles, meaning customers will come back to your shop for their next payment. Customers can now do all their shopping and payments at one shop, saving on taxi costs.

More benefits include:
More feet into your shop
Creating customer loyalty
Expanding your offering
Encouraging repeat customers.

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1ForYou - Top up and pay the easy way

1ForYou effortlessly turns your cash into online balance. No card? No stress!

With our wide range of online partners, buying a 1ForYou Voucher enables you to top-up without a card or bank account. Partners include online betting, WIFI and many more.

For more information about 1ForYou and partners, visit http://www.1foryou.com/

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Uber and Uber Eats

Help customers top-up theirUber and Uber Eats accounts the easy way.

You can now sell vouchers that customers can use to easily top up their Uber and Uber Eats accounts. Making life easier for them, making life easier for you.

PRO TIP: Uber vouchers make the perfect last-minute gift!

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Netflix - Top up and stream today

Customers can watch their favourite shows and movies when they buy Netflix top-up vouchers from your shop.

This is perfect for customers who want a Netflix account, but don't have or want to use a credit card to link to their account.

Want to learn more about Netflix? Click here > https://www.netflix.com/

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Roblox - Top up your gaming

Roblox’s mission is to bring the world together through play. Roblox vouchers allow customers to play Roblox, an online game that works on smartphones and computers.

In Roblox, players can play millions of free games AND build their very own games. Roblox is perfect for staying entertained at home, all your customers need is data or an internet connection/WiFi.

Learn more about Roblox here: https://corp.roblox.com/

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FLASH voucher

What is a FLASH voucher?

FLASH vouchers are a virtual balance to top up your FLASH account.
You can buy a FLASH voucher from any FLASH Kiosk, PEP, PEPcell, Shoprite, Checkers, Ackermans, Usave, Dunns, John Craig, ABSA, and FNB.

You’re also able to make an EFT payment or cash deposits to ABSA and FNB cash accepting ATMs to top up and continue to trade.
Please note there is a transaction fee charged for topping up.

How to Top Up at ABSA Bank:

Bank Details
Account Name: FLASH
Account Number: 4072416316
Branch Code: 632005
At an ABSA Branch
Use the bank details provided
Use your FLASH number as the reference number

How to Top Up at FNB:

Bank Details
Bank Details
First National Bank
Account Name: FLASH Mobile Vending (PTY) LTD
Account Number: 62544397492
Branch Code: 250655

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Starter Packs

For more information or to order starter packs for your shop, contact the FLASH Call Centre today for your nearest outlet.

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RICA, activate, and earn!

As part of government’s crime prevention efforts, SIM cards must be registered in compliance with the Regulation of Interception of Communications and Provision of Communication-Related Information Act (RICA).

An activation is when a certain amount of airtime is loaded onto your customer’s SIM card that you have RICA’d. You will earn a commission on every starter pack activated!

All you need is:

All you need is your ID (or ID card, temporary ID or passport) and proof of residence (e.g., levy statement or electricity bill).

National Lottery

What is the National Lottery?

National Lottery is a “game of chance” where a customer can guess the outcomes of a lucky draw and win money based on the amount of numbers they have guessed correctly.
Lotto draws take place every week on a Wednesday and Saturday.
Powerball draws take place every week on a Tuesday and Friday.

What are the benefits of selling National Lottery?

By selling Lottery tickets, traders expand their offering to customers. This means more convenience for customers because they do not have to visit more than one shop to complete their shopping and they will be more likely to visit your business more frequently.

More products available to sell
Make more profit
Create customer satisfaction and repeat customers
Create customer loyalty


FLASH does not do Lotto pay outs (winners will be referred to retail stores for winnings below R5,000 and their local Ithuba office for larger wins).
Lotto slips are longer than other products, make sure that the printer has enough paper in it and that the till roll is inserted correctly.
The slip is fully printed when you see the barcode.

Visit National Lottery website >

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Making deliveries safer

What is Pay With FLASH?

FLASH supplier payments is a solution that allows suppliers to receive secure, instant payments from store owners for deliveries.

What is the benefit of using Pay with FLASH?

By paying suppliers with Pay with FLASH, traders don’t have to worry about having enough cash, they simply “transfer” the total amount due from their available FLASH balance on their machine to the supplier's Pay with FLASH account.

Other benefits include:
Reduces the risk of cash robberies
Quick payment at point of delivery - no counting of cash
Suppliers can track payments received from customers
Speeds up payment process - improved productivity
Daily FLASH statements - balance payments

To make payments using Pay with FLASH traders must have enough balance in their FLASH account.

Money Transfers

Need to send money to family in another country? Now you can at your nearest Flash Shop. If you are not registered with Mama Money yet, don’t stress, we’ve broken it down for you…

1 Download the Mama Money App.
2 Enter your details (it’s safe and fast)
3 Take a photo of your ID document (can be a foreign passport, a Foreign ID or South African ID book)
4 Take a selfie holding your passport or ID document
5 You’ll be sent a discount voucher via SMS



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