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What is prepaid electricity?

Prepaid electricity powers South African homes and businesses through prepaid meters. Electricity is priced per kilowatt hour (kWh) and the price varies during the month based on how much electricity a customer uses.

Buy your prepaid electricity today from a FLASH shop, save on taxi fare and support your local business.

What is FBE?

FBE is FREE electricity, which is a government initiative to assist households. This service is provided to selected meters to assist in the running of basic water heating using a kettle, basic ironing, and power for a small television set and radio.Some municipalities restrict FBE to households that consume below 350-450 kWh of prepaid electricity per month only.

What amount of electricity will be considered as free basic electricity?

The level of service is between 25kWh – 60kWh per household per month for qualifying meters or households. This varies between the different municipalities.

What happens if I have used up my FBE units?

Additional units will have to be bought at a FLASH Shop and will be charged at respective municipality tariffs. If you want to know what tariff you are on, check your FLASH slip.

When can I collect my FBE?

FBE is available on the 1st of every month and valid for one month only, meaning units will not accumulate to the next month. You can claim your FBE units by dialling *130*269# free on your mobile phone.

What is eeziPower?

eeziPower enables you to buy an electricity voucher from a FLASH Shop without your meter number. You can also buy eeziPower when the municipality is experiencing technical difficulties and redeem when the municipality is back online.

How to redeem eeziPower?

Dial *130*269 # and select option 3 to add your token.

As easy as that, you get your electricity token sent via SMS.

Helping you to keep your lights on.

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Airtime & data for all major networks

Partnering up with major cellular network in South Africa means we offer:

  • Airtime
  • Data Bundles
  • SIM starter packs & RICA activations

All available at your nearest FLASH shop. Keep connected with FLASH today.

What is eeziAirtime?

eeziAirtime is a single airtime voucher that can be loaded across all major networks, whether you’re buying for yourself, a friend, or your gogo, eeziAirtime works on MTN, Vodacom, Cell C, Telkom Mobile, and Virgin Mobile. Best of all is that you still get the benefits, competitions and double deals you receive from your network.

Simply ask for any amount at your nearest FLASH shop, dial *130*3621*3*rechargePIN#, and safe, convenient cross-network airtime is yours.

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Pay your Accounts with FLASH

Pay your DStv account at a FLASH shop today. You can also check the amount you need to pay.

With Pay@ and Pay City you’re able to pay accounts that range from online shopping, insurance including your municipal bills.

At FLASH we provide a safe, easy, convenient way to pay your accounts.

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1voucher - Top up and pay the easy way

1voucher effortlessly turns your cash into online balance. No card? No stress!

With our wide range of online partners, buying a 1voucher enables you to top-up without a card or bank account. Partners include online betting, WIFI and many more.

For more information about 1voucher and partners, visit http://www.1voucher.co.za/

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FLASH voucher

Whether you’re buying or selling, a FLASH voucher allows you to have a balance on your FLASH account. You can buy a FLASH voucher from any FLASH Kiosk, PEP, PEPcell, Shoprite, Checkers, Ackermans, Usave, Dunns, John Craig, ABSA, and FNB.

If you have a bank account, you can make an EFT payment to get a FLASH voucher and continue to buy services for your personal use, anytime, anywhere.

How to Top Up at Absa Bank

Bank Details
Account Name: FLASH
Account Number: 4072416316
Branch Code: 632005

At an ABSA Branch
• Use the bank details provided
• Use your FLASH number as the reference number

How to Top Up at FNB

Bank Details
First National Bank
Account Name: FLASH Mobile Vending
Account Number: 62544397492
Branch Code: 250655

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Starter Packs

Get starter packs at selected FLASH shops in your area.

Rica your pack and load airtime to get connected.

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Rica your new starter pack at FLASH shops for FREE

As part of government’s crime prevention efforts, SIM cards must be registered in compliance with the Regulation of Interception of Communications and Provision of Communication-Related Information Act (RICA).

FLASH Traders are able to RICA SIM cards, making this usually difficult activity one that takes almost no time.

All you need is:

All you need is your ID (or ID card, temporary ID or passport) and proof of residence.

South African National Lottery

National Lottery is a “game of chance” where a customer can guess the outcomes of a lucky draw and win money based on how many numbers they guess correctly.

Lotto Draws take place every week on a Wednesday and Saturday.
Powerball Draws take place every week on a Tuesday and Friday.

Get your National Lottery tickets at all FLASH Shops nationwide to stand a chance to win life-changing weekly jackpots!

Visit National Lottery website >

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