Getting started with your Flash machine

We provide Training for new Traders when you contact our call centre, with a face-to-face visit from our Flash Connect team.
You can also visit our Help Centre for step-by-step instructions and a guide on getting your machine set up.

Flash number (MSISDN)

This is your Flash reference number on your Flash machine home screen. Use it when you are putting money in your machine or calling the call centre.

Slips, printing and reprinting

Printed slips are often your customers product. If your machine doesn't print first time or your till roll is finished, you can reprint most slips at no cost.

SIM cards & RICA

Flash traders can sell and RICA SIM cards if they choose to. Call the Call Centre to register as a RICA agent.

Top Ups

How to top up your Flash balance

You can top up your machine at a Flash Kiosk, PEP, Shoprite, Checkers, Ackermans, John Craig, USave, Dunns, FNB ATM, ABSA ATM, Nedbank or via EFT.

What is Overnight Flash?

Overnight Flash is an interest-free loan for select traders and lets you to put money into your machine when your balance has run out and top up locations are closed.

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