Order Stock

What is order stock?

Flash traders are now able to order Flash machines and SIM starter packs in the Order Stock section on the main menu. Once the trader selects the Order stock option, it will redirect them to download or launch the Shop2Shop app.

How to create a Shop2Shop account?

The trader has a Shop2Shop account created and information is captured via the Shop2shop app on the Flash device.
• To create a Shop2Shop account the trader needs an email address and password.
• Once the trader is logged into the Shop2Shop app, the trader is then able to link his Flash account to the Shop2Shop account.
• Under Accounts, the trader selects ADD ACCOUNT and then selects the Flash Account and gives the name that the trader wants to identify the account by and then the Flash account mobile number and selects ADD.
• The Trader then will see his Flash account under the Accounts menu. This is important as otherwise the trader cannot make payments for his orders.

How to order stock?

• Open the Shop2Shop App
• Select ORDER
• Select Flash or SIM Cards
• Select the desired items
• Select quantity
• Add to cart
• Select Checkout
• Select Delivery
• Add delivery address
• Input delivery address – it automatically recognises addresses
• Add unit number or complex name
• Select Add New Address
• Save Address
• The delivery address will automatically populate under delivery
• Confirm order details
• Select payment option
• Select the Flash cow with the name of your Flash account
• Select Pay Now
• Confirm payment

How to transfer funds from Shop2Shop to Flash Balance?

• Once the funds are available in the Shop2Shop account, you can transfer them across to your Flash balance.
• Select Transfer from the Shop2Shop App
• Select My Account
• Enters the amount that you want to transfer
• The “From” account will be the Shop2Shop account
• The “To” account has a dropdown menu. From here you can see the Flash accounts with cows next to them

How to view successful transactions in the Shop2Shop app?

• Select History
• Select Transactions
• The Tap2Pay funds will show as Top Up and the Tap2Pay machine’s name. Eg. Top Up from JO’s spaza 1. The displayed amount will be the card payment minus the 2.5% fee.
• Click on the transaction to view the total card payment and what the fee was

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