So you’ve bought your new FlashGo machine, but don’t know how to set it up…don’t worry, we’ve got your back! Follow the instructions below and you’ll be hooked up in no time:

1 RICA your sim card at a Flash Kiosk
2 Turn your machine on
3 You’ll get an SMS with your new number
4 Then turn your machine off and on again
5 Now you are ready to register your Flash machine
6 Push MENU
7 Select Click to Start
8 Press OK
9 Select Balances
10 Press OK
11 Enter your Business / Shop Name
12 Select your province
13 Enter your Postal Code
14 Enter Shop Owner Name
15 Select your Race
16 Enter your ID / Passport number
17 Enter your personal cell phone number
18 Select your language
19 Enter your email address
20 Enter a new 4 Digit PIN
21 Retype your PIN and press OK
22 You should see Registration Successful on your machine
23 You will receive an SMS on your machine
24 Turn your machine off and on again
25 Your Flash number will appear on your screen
*You need this number to buy a Flash Token to top up your machine.
26. Call the Flash Call Centre to finish the registration
083 903 5274 (Free on MTN)
084 193 5274 (Free on Cell C)

It’s that easy!

Happy trading 🙂

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