A good education is money well spent. Send more money for school fees and supplies, with Flash and Mama Money.

It’s safe, fast, reliable and simple. And NO, you DON’T need a bank account.

This is how:
1. Download the Mama Money app and sign up.
2. Go to your nearest Flash Trader.
3. Ask for Cash Sends with Mama Money.
4. Provide your Mama Money order *reference number.
5. Have the exact right amount of cash you want to send.
6. Give the recipients a phone number (in international format).
7. The recipient will receive a confirmation SMS with instructions.

*To send with Mama Money, a customer must have already created a transaction in the Mama Money app.
From this, a customer would get an order reference number. Without providing this order reference number to a trader, the transaction cannot be done.

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