Remember the days when you could go shopping with no worries? These days, the coronavirus (COVID-19) pandemic has made shopping a carefully thought out process and a bit more stressful.


The safest option is to stay at home, but we will all need to head to the nearest Flash Shop from time to time to get our essential items. Whether it’s bread and milk or airtime and electricity – we will all need to be brave and get to the shop at some point.


Luckily, we have a few tips that will help you stay safe while you’re shopping:


Try to take fewer trips to the shops. As much as possible, focus on buying more items in one shop instead of a few items every day or two. The goal is to buy items in bulk, so you take fewer trips and lessen the risk of infection by being outside of your home.


Wear a face mask and don’t touch it. There are many cheap ways to make a facemask from items you already have at home. Use an old shirt, a sock or scarf to makeshift a mask if you don’t have one. Once your mask is on, don’t touch it – wait until you are home and have washed your hands.


Choose one person in your house to go to the Flash Shop. Do not all walk to the nearest together, this is very risky and increases the chances of getting the virus. Pick one healthy person in your home to go to the shop instead.


Try not touch surfaces in the Flash Shop. As much as possible “look but don’t touch” anything on the shelves until you have found the product you want. Coronavirus lives on surfaces, so avoid touching them as much as possible.


Shop quickly so you can get out quicker. Make sure you study your grocery list before entering the store. Try the best you can to go straight to the shelves you need and get out as soon as possible. No need to have a long conversation in the shop either, we all need to have each other’s backs and make as little contact with others as possible.


Wipe down your groceries and wash your hands. Once you get home from the Flash Shop, make sure you wipe down all of the groceries before packing them away. Once you are done, wash your hands thoroughly for at least 20 seconds with soap.

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