As one of Flash’s cornerstone promises, we pride ourselves on creating a flow of cash that keeps money within the community, enriching the lives of the people who benefit from it most.
Our model for doing this is simple – create an environment that empowers traders and offers a level of consumer convenience that cannot be ignored.

To achieve this, our platform – to become a Flash Trader – is available to anyone who wants it, allowing people to take the initiative and boost their business capabilities. This model asks the question: Do you want more feet through your doors? To which the answer has been an emphatic “YES!”

With the largest informal network in Africa, consumers are keeping their money in the community by not having the need to travel to formal retailers for essentials such as electricity and airtime, while Flash’s product range has expanded to include bill payments, 1ForYou, National Lottery, WiFi, and Online account top-ups, making Flash locations a one-stop for an extensive range of needs and wants.

This cycle of convenience-based transactions has fostered a mutually beneficial ecosystem that keeps funds within the communities. This is something we plan to continue enabling with even greater levels of support and a more comprehensive product range as we, Flash and our Traders alike, grow to realise the extent of our potential.

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