YesPlay is a mobile bookmaker that offers betting options on casino games, sports betting, live betting, and lottery games. Now it’s easy to help your customers top up their YesPlay account directly instantly (which also helps you earn more).
All they need to bring is their cell phone number, and money.

Here’s how to accept YesPlay top-ups on your Flash device:

1. Select Payments
2. Select YesPlay
3. Enter cell phone number.
4. Confirm account details with customer
5. Enter amount to pay
6. Confirm details
7. Customer’s YesPlay account is instantly topped up

1. Select Payments
2. Select Find Biller
3. Enter YesPlay
4. Pay/Check YesPlay
5. Pay YesPlay
6. Enter cell phone number
7. Confirm account details
8. Enter amount
9. Print slip

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