ARTO – Bravery in adversity

FLASH partnered with Arto in 2014, not knowing the lengths he was willing to go to ensure he was able to trade successfully.

With a physical size that belies his awe-inspiring bravery, Arto set about making an immense amount of money but unfortunately didn’t have a safe to store it in.

His solution? Strapping upwards of R300 000 to his body, walking the 500m to his nearest FLASH Kiosk, and topping up his FLASH account. He would do this dangerous walk again each afternoon, this time with almost R200 000 strapped to him, just to keep his money safe and his business running.

Thankfully, Arto has been provided with a safe that now keeps his hard-earned cash safe, and his terrifying walks to the kiosks are behind him, but his initial perseverance saw him prosper when others would have failed, and for that FLASH commends Arto’s inventiveness in the face of adversity.

Arto continues to show immense character by putting in the elbow-grease necessary to be by far the largest Super Trader in his area, contributing approximately half the turnover for the area he operates in.

Tremendous effort on Arto’s part has seen him make a success of himself with the help of FLASH, we’re proud to be a part of his journey to #MakeLifeEasier for himself and those in his community.

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