Easy Life with eeziAirtime…

Need airtime? Then we want to introduce you to your new best friend!

When it comes to topping up your phone, it doesn’t get simpler than eeziAirtime. This single-use airtime voucher enables you to top up your phone no matter what network you are on – including Virgin Mobile and Telkom!

Where to buy eeziAirtime?

Being a FLASH product, eeziAirtime is only available from FLASH traders. So, make sure to shop local and get a voucher from your nearest FLASH Shop.

How does eeziAirtime work, anyway?

  1. Visit your nearest FLASH Shop.
  2. Ask the FLASH trader for the exact amount of airtime you want in eeziAirtime.
  3. Simply dial *130*3621*3*rechargePIN#.

You’re sorted… it’s that easy!

But, why buy eeziAirtime when you can just use a regular airtime top-up voucher?

For 5 very valid reasons:

  1. Finding airtime for your network is not always easy – just ask Telkom and Virgin Mobile users! But, eeziAirtime has your back since it is available for ALL major South African networks.
  2. You can now buy airtime for the amount YOU WANT. Whether you want as little as R2 or as much as R100, eeziAirtime is available in almost any denomination.
  3. Want to give the gift of airtime? Now you can buy it for a friend or family member without having to think about what network they’re using first.
  4. Is your network running a promotion or competition? Don’t worry, you’ll still get all benefits and double deals when you top up with eeziAirtime. Nothing changes.
  5. Most importantly, you are supporting your local business. FLASH traders make more money when they sell eeziAirtime compared to regular airtime. Help your small businesses flourish one top-up voucher at a time!

The next time you need a little talk time, make sure to get it the eezi way! Find the cow and get topped up today.

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