Gerald Peters – Hustling Through the Holidays

While the nation’s workforce prepared to rest in December, Gerald Peters took it upon himself to Boost his Business by purchasing a FLASH device.

Before the 15th of December, he operated a small tuck shop from his home, selling only cigarettes and sweets to satiate his immediate client base. Gerald took the opportunity in front of him: Buy a FLASH Device and increase his business in every way.

Thanks, in his words, to the huge demand for a convenient point to buy electricity, his business expanded rapidly to the point where in the space of one month he was upgraded to a Select Trader.

He was given a brand-new device to help him along his path to success, while his tuck shop, now a fully-fledged spaza, sells a far wider range of products thanks to the consumer pull that FLASH functionality brought to his business.

Already a well-liked family man in his community, Gerald is building his reputation as an aspirational figure, financially supporting his wife and son with the money he’s been able to make since choosing to boost his business with FLASH.

His drive to want to make the lives of his family and community easier is what brought him to FLASH and we’re overjoyed to see his efforts paying dividends.

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