How To Sell 1voucher

Do your customers want to top up their online accounts? 1voucher has partnered with many companies to make topping up partner accounts easy. 1voucher turns your customer’s cash into online balance through a voucher system and is the convenient way to top up betting and Wi-Fi accounts anywhere, anytime.

New partners are added onto 1voucher regularly. Visit the 1voucher website to see all companies that form part of their network.

How to sell 1voucher on your FLASH device

  1. Press Menu
  2. Press Ok
  3. Select Money Transfers
  4. Choose 1voucher (Wifi/Betting)
  5. Choose the amount your customer or use a custom amount
  6. Choose to Printer / To Screen

How 1voucher works

  1. Buy a 1voucher
  2. Visit a partner website
  3. Select 1voucher as a top-up
  4. Enter 1voucher PIN
  5. Partner account is topped up
  6. You’re good to go!

Your customer can now top up their online accounts!

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