Meet Mama – A New Life & Fresh Start

Meet Mrs Seynab Ali Mohamud AKA Mama. Born and raised in Mogadishu, Somalia, Mama and her husband had a horrible start to life. The city was riddled with violence where daily killings, bombings and attacks were the norms.

Women and young girls faced the brunt of the situation. Females didn’t have the freedom to even sit outside their homes, if caught, they would be beheaded” – Mama.

When it came to raising their family, Mama knew that she didn’t want her children to experience the same hardships that she did. So, the Mohamud’s decided to take a brave step towards a better life in prosperous South Africa. Arriving in Cape Town, Mama worked hard, saved as much as she could and finally opened up her own spaza shop, aptly named Mama Shop. Shortly after opening her doors, Mama learnt about FLASH and how it could help the business grow.

Taking yet another leap of faith, Mama bought her first FLASH machine and she hasn’t looked back! Mama Shop has become so busy that her son works with her when he’s not at school. Mama’s son, Mohammed, attends a private school in the area – a luxury she never knew she’d be able to afford him – and he has excelled beyond her comprehension. When he first arrived in South Africa, he couldn’t speak a word of English, but now he is fluent and helps her communicate with customers.

Mama is very grateful for everything that her FLASH Shop has been able to afford her – it has been a real dream come to life. Thank you for being so loyal to our business Mama Mohamud ❤️

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