Mzikayfani Seme – A Leap of Faith

Mzikayfani Seme was just another man on his way to his job on a farm when he noticed someone handing out SIM cards at a Taxi rank. Piquing his interest, Mr Seme approached the man, a FLASH employee named Alex, and asked about these SIMs and why he was distributing them.
Mzikayfani didn’t know it at the time, but the conversation he had with Alex that day was one that would change his life.
Intrigued enough to look into it himself, Mr Seme was given a few SIMs to distribute himself, but still held fears about FLASH paying him a commission.
When the commission came at the end of the month he knew FLASH was the real deal and doubled down on selling SIMs.
In only six months he was already making over R2000.00 a month just selling SIMs on the side, more than he was making during his full-time job, and when his FLASH earnings become four times more than his farm earnings, he took a leap of faith and focused on being a FLASH Trader full time.
Mr Seme’s courage was rewarded with a Trader Of The Year award from FLASH in 2015 while he was making enough money to afford a “brick and mortar” house for his family.

Tragedy struck in 2016 when Mzikayfani’s brother passed away. In this difficult time for his family, he was able to cover the funeral costs and give his brother a respectful departure.
Mr Seme’s success has reverberated throughout his community, becoming a point of reference for others who want to improve their lives and find comfort by applying themselves.

He humbly attributes his turn of fortune to the opportunities presented to him by FLASH, and we are extremely proud to have been a part of his journey from a farm worker to home and business owner.

FLASH commends and rewards those brave people who take a chance and find success, inspiring others to do the same.

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