Peter – Getting Back in the Game

Peter’s is a story of opportunity, talent and bravery.

Peter moved to Cape Town from Lesotho with his sister when he was a young man to work in a chicken factory in Epping. His sister was given the opportunity to open a tuck shop at the factory to sell snacks and drinks to the factory workers. Peter saw this a bigger business opportunity and bought a FLASH device to start selling airtime and electricity to the workers.

Peter wanted to take his business on the road by selling FLASH to customers where ever he went, and not be bound to his sister’s tuck shop. Having a gift for working with his hands through metalwork, Peter designed and built a box using plywood and other materials he could find. The case has compartments for his FLASH machine and accessories as well as a lock to keep it safe. Peter stencilled the FLASH cow on the side of the box, and he was good to go.

Peter’s FLASH business served him well for many years.

Now 67 years-old, Peter should be settling down and ready for retirement. However, his ambition and restless spirit means that he keeps busy with his metalwork. Peter also wanted to get back into business with FLASH, but since he stopped trading, he had no idea where to start, who to speak to and how to promote his FLASH business.

One day, Peter spotted a FLASH van parked across the road from his house. Feeling optimistic and hopeful, he met up with the FLASH representative and showed him his old machine. Peter’s contact details were then passed on to the sales manager responsible for the area who could assist him further with updated training and branding.

When we followed up with Peter a few days later, his device was up and running. He is now set up and ready to serve customers in his area. A happy ending indeed!

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