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Getting your business up and running is difficult, so keeping it successful is important, and at FLASH we look to support you with more than just our sales force and our call centre. Here are some small business tips to help you ensure that your shop is the go-to for the customers in your area:

1. Always stay aware of what you want to achieve
Losing focus and just getting “the job” done is an easy trap to fall into, be sure to always keep your end goal in the back of your mind to avoid losing sight of why you started your business in the first place. Use that as a motivator point to keep you going in the right direction.

2. Make a point of showing your customers you care
At the end of the day, you cannot succeed without your customers.
A good shop owner doesn’t simply sell you what you need, they build relationships with regulars and create a welcoming atmosphere within their shops.
Making your shop a place where people enjoy going makes a big difference, people will walk an extra 100m or drive that extra kilometre to support you if they can see you make an effort.

3. Educate yourself on new developments
Making sure you always have the best of the best is easier said than done.
If you’re a FLASH Trader, you have many resources available to you to keep yourself informed of new products and updates, meaning that your customers can know directly from you.
Follow the FLASH Business Facebook page for news and updates of our new partners or contact the call centre to request a visit from an Area Sales Manager of Field Specialist.

4. Keep your money safe
This is one of the most valuable tips we can share with you.Money can come and go in waves, with peak times and slow times making it difficult to keep track of everything entering and leaving your shop. We recommend keeping a safe and logbook to balance your income each day, and keeping it secure. Keeping your money logged and safe makes measuring your success easier, as well as making sure that nobody can easily get their hands on your hard-earned cash.

5. Speak up about your business
If you’re having a difficult time getting people through the doors of your shop, doing some low-cost advertising won’t hurt.

Print some flyers, take out an ad spot in the local newspaper, and talk your business up as the best around, and be sure to let people know what you can sell on your FLASH device!

6. Get customer feedback
Ask your customers what they want to be able to buy from your shop. If people come to you for one thing and go to another shop for something else, try to get them to come to your shop for everything.
If you have a FLASH Device and people ask why you cannot sell them something, get in contact with us and tell us what your customers want.
We welcome all suggestions, and making your customers happy means more business for you.

7. Give your shop a social media presence
This is one of our top tips that you can implement right away. If people are able to access information about your shop more easily, they can stay informed.
Having a social media presence means that if you have a special or a new product, you can simply post it and your followers will know about it, it’s free advertising!

Set up a Facebook/Instagram/Twitter account and tell your customers that you will post specials on it, that will give them a reason to follow your page.

The more you post about specials, new products, or anything really, people will see your shop when they go on social media.

What are other business tips that you can think of?

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