What is eeziPower?

eeziPower was created with the purpose of making your life easier. This FLASH-owned product means that you, as a consumer, can now visit your nearest FLASH Shop and buy electricity units easily and conveniently right in your community.

Buying eeziPower works in a similar way as buying normal electricity units, but with one major benefit. Being South Africans, we cannot always count on Eskom to keep the lights on #loadshedding and the electricity flowing in our neighbourhoods. This can mean standing in a line queuing to buy units only to be frustrated when you learn that your local municipality is experiencing issues.

eeziPower makes this process a whole lot better.

It gives you the opportunity to buy electricity units and redeem them when the municipality is back online. Plus, you can buy this electricity voucher without having to know your meter number at the till – a big benefit for when you are on the move!

With eeziPower, you don’t have to be afraid of the costs. FLASH shops charge the same amount per unit as traditional electricity vouchers. We have processes in place to ensure that you will never be overcharged for this product by a FLASH business.

How to redeem eeziPower:

  1. Purchase your eeziPower voucher from a FLASH shop
  2. Dial *130*269# and select 1 to add your token
  3. Enter your meter number.

As easy as that, you get your electricity token sent via SMS.

Helping you to keep your lights on.

*Please note that eeziPower is only available to Eskom and City of Cape Town electricity users.

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