Flash makes it easier for people to support and keep in touch with their family and friends back home in Bangladesh, Ethiopia, Pakistan, Zimbabwe, and many more countries. Flash is your one-stop-shop for all your Global Product needs. You can send money, Global Airtime, and Global Data, quickly, safely and conveniently from any Flash Shop. Just look for the green sign with the black Flash cow. 

Here’s a quick breakdown of Flash’s global product offering: 

Send Global Airtime and Global Data

Keep in touch with your friends and family back home. Want to chat to your friends and family in another country but they don’t have airtime or data? We understand your struggles and want to help you overcome them. With Global Airtime and Global Data, it’s easy.

1.Find a Flash trader (just look for the green and black Flash cow sign)

2.Choose an airtime or data bundle.

3.Supply your friend/family’s number (with the country code).

4.Pay the trader and get a slip.

5.The receiver will be directly topped up with airtime or data.

Send money with Ria Sikhona

How to create a Ria Sikhona transfer:

1.Visit: https://sikhona.link/flash

2.Fill in the form and provide your Name, Surname, Address and Nationality.

3.Submit a copy of your ID, passport or asylum papers AND a selfie of you holding your ID document.

4.Once you have successfully registered you will receive an SMS.

5.You will be able to create an order within the Ria Sikhona app or using the USSD string *134*660#

Send money with Mama Money

1.Download the Mama Money app and sign up.

2.Go to your nearest Flash Trader.

3.Ask for Transfers with Mama Money.

4.Provide your Mama Money order/reference number.

5.Have the exact right amount of cash you want to send.

6.Recipient will receive a confirmation SMS with instructions.

*To send with Mama Money, a customer must have already created a transaction in the Mama Money app. From this, you (the sender) will get an order reference number. Without providing this order reference number to a trader, the transaction cannot be done.

How to send money with Access Forex and SasaiRemit:

1.Create an order with the relevant MTO and select Pay@

2.Go to your nearest Flash Trader.

3.Ask for Pay@

4.Provide your Pay@ reference number.

5.Have the exact right amount of cash you want to send.

6.To note Access Forex and SasaiRemit is only available through Pay@

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