Terms and Conditions – Pay your JD Group account at a Flash trader

1. The competition will run from 22 July 2022 to and including 7th August 2022.
2. By entering the competition, you agree to be bound by these terms and conditions. You may enter the competition by paying your JD Group (Bradlows, Russells, HiFiCorp, Incredible Connection, Rochester, Sleepmasters) account at any Flash trader.
3. Participants may enter multiple times during the qualifying competition period.
4. The competition is open to all participants within the Republic of South Africa that are South African citizens (in possession of a valid South African ID book or card) and South African residents (in possession of a valid South African permanent residency permit.)
5. The draw for winners will happen on 9 August 2022. Winners will be selected via a random draw.
6. During the competition period, there will be 6 prizes. The amount will be the last amount that the respective winner has paid towards their JD Group accounts during the competition period. The prize amount shall be limited to a R1000 per winner. The prize amount shall be paid directly by Flash towards the respective winner’s JD Group account.
7. Winners will be contacted by Flash to arrange for the payment of the prize amount towards the respective winner’s JD Group account. Calls may be recorded for verification purposes. Flash may require identification documents prior to the prize amount being paid to the winner’s JD Group account.
8. An alternative winner will be drawn if after 3 attempted calls the organisers cannot reach the initial winner.
9. Flash and their delivery agent does not accept responsibility or liability for any loss or damage and will also not be responsible or liable for any further expenses or fees required for purpose of using, applying or enjoying the prize won in this competition.
10. Winners give Flash and its authorized agents consent to use their names for publicity purposes, unless refused.
11. Flash reserves the right to vary, suspend, postpone or terminate the competition and any prizes, or any aspect thereof, for any reasons whatsoever and without notice. In such event, you hereby waive any rights or expectations which you may have against Flash and acknowledge that you will not have any recourse or claim of any nature against Flash
12. By participating in this competition, you consent to (i) the processing of your personal information by Flash and other companies in the Pepkor group, any of their operators, agents and sub-contractors (who may be outside South Africa) on the condition that they will keep such information confidential; (ii) the collection of your personal information from any other source to supplement the personal information which Flash has about you; (iii) the retention by Flash of your personal information for as long as permitted for legal, regulatory, fraud prevention and marketing purposes; (iv) Flash using your personal information to send you information about products, services, and special offers of the various companies in the Pepkor group that may be of interest or value to you.
13. You can choose to be excluded from direct marketing by notifying Flash in writing or by registering a block on any registry which Flash is bound by law to recognise. Flash will not charge you a fee to update this request on its systems. Flash will give effect to any changes requested by you as soon as reasonably possible.
14. These Terms and Conditions are also available at www.flash.co.za.

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