Flash makes it easy to send Global Airtime to your loved ones in Malawi. 

It’s hard being far away from your friends and family back in Malawi, but thanks to Flash, staying connected with them is easy. How? You can send Global Airtime directly to their phone, from any Flash shop. Keep reading to learn all about Global Airtime and how to send it. 

What is Global Airtime? 

Global Airtime allows residents in South Africa to directly top up a foreign cell phone number with airtime.  

How can I send Global Airtime to Malawi? 

  • Head to your nearest Flash shop
  • Ask for Global Airtime
  • Provide the trader with the receiver’s number and the amount you would like to send
  • Pay the trader
  • The receiver’s cellphone number will be directly topped up!

What other countries can I send Global Airtime to? 

Global Airtime can be sent to 169 countries world-wide, including Malawi, Zimbabwe, Zambia, Nigeria, Congo, Ethiopia, Ghana, Bangladesh, China, Indonesia, Pakistan, and more. 

What are some of the networks that Global Airtime works on? 

  • Zimbabwe: Econet Zimbabwe USD, Netone Zimbabwe, and Telecel Zimbabwe.
  • Pakistan: Telenor Pakistan, Ufone Pakistan Internet.
  • Malawi: TNM Malawi Internet, and Airtel Malawi.
  • Bangladesh: Airtel Bangladesh Internet, Banglalink Bangladesh Internet, GrameenPhone, Teletalk Bangladesh, Robi Bangladesh Internet, and Bangladesh Internet.
  • Ethiopia: Ethiotelecom.

How can I sell Global Airtime top-ups for Malawi 

 Can I top up data worldwide? 

Yes! you can send Global Data to Zimbabwe, Malawi, Pakistan, and many other countries. Ask at your local Flash shop for more information. 

What other Global Products can I get at Flash? 

Other global products and services include Global Data, Global Electricity, and International Money Transfers. All these services are easy to use, safe, and secure. You can read more about Flash’s global offerings here: https://flash.co.za/send-it-all-with-flash/  

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