Make their day with eeziAirtime


Everyone loves a gift, a treat, a little something that lets them know you’re thinking of them or want to make their lives easier. With Flash, giving eeziAirtime is… well, easy. The easiest gift you can give, and one you know everyone needs and loves – airtime.


eezi brownie points for you.
eeziAirtime for them.
Everybody wins.


The great thing about eeziAirtime is that it works on any network.
All you need to do is go to your nearest Flash shop, buy the amount of eeziAirtime you want to give, and make sure they get the slip. You can give it to them in person or send them a picture.


And just like that, you’ve made someone’s day by keeping them connected with airtime.
Just another way Flash is helping you #MAKELIFEEASIER for those you care about.

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