| 02.07.2020
How do I become a Flash trader?

There are a few ways you can become a Flash trader 1. Purchase a Flash machine at any Flash Kiosk, PEP or […]

| 20.08.2020
The benefits of being a Flash Trader

MORE CUSTOMERS INTO YOUR SHOP Knowing that your shop is a Flash Shop and sells all the best virtual products means more […]

| 24.07.2020
What can I sell with a Flash machine?

You can sell these products and offer these services to your customers with a Flash machine Electricity eeziPower (electricity sales when the […]

| 26.08.2020
Where can I buy a Flash machine?

You can buy a Flash machine at any Flash Kiosk, Flash SupaTrader, PEP or PEPcell store. Once you have bought your Flash […]

| 02.07.2020
How do I RICA my machine?

If you purchase your machine at a Flash Kiosk, you will be able to register it immediately with help from the Kiosk […]

| 02.07.2020
How do I top up my Flash balance?

By buying a Flash voucher/Token at a retail location and loading this onto your machine On Touch Go Step 1: Select menu […]

| 25.08.2020
How do I check my Flash balance?

On your Flash Go machine:   Select Flash on your machine > select Balances > enter PIN   On your Touch Go […]

| 02.07.2020
Where can I top up?

You can Top Up your Flash balance at any Flash SupaTrader, Flash Kiosk, as well as all our retail and banking partners. […]

| 25.08.2020
What is a Flash Kiosk?

A Flash Kiosk is a Flash location where you can: Top up/put money in your Flash machine Buy Flash machines Buy till […]

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