By buying a Flash voucher/Token at a retail location and loading this onto your machine

On Touch Go

Step 1: Select menu
Step 2: Select Top Up
Step 3: Enter Token number
Step 4: Select Redeem

On Flash Go

Step 1: on Home screen type the string and reference number *130*3261*PIN#
Step 2: Press OK

1. Buy a Flash Voucher at a retail location

Flash Kiosk
TopUp Trader
PEP store
John Craig

2. By cash deposit at Bank Branches

ABSA branch
FNB branch
Nedbank branch

3. By cash deposit at ATMs

ABSA cash accepting ATM
FNB cash accepting ATM
Nedbank cash accepting ATM


4. By cash deposit at a bank

ABSA branches


5. By EFT via Nedbank, FNB or ABSA bank account

Absa EFT

Account Name: FLASH
Account Number: 4072416316
Branch Code: 632005
Use your Flash number as the reference number



Account Name: FLASH Mobile Vending (PTY) LTD
Account Number: 62544397492
Branch Code: 250655
Use your Flash number as the reference number


Nedbank EFT

Account Name: Flash Mobile Vending
Account Number: 1195253826
Branch Code: 198765
Use your Flash number as the reference number


Please note:

Your Flash Number (also called your MSISDN) is your Flash reference number when you are putting money in your machine or when you call the call centre.
If you are a using a Flash Go machine, you can find it on your Flash machine home screen.
If you are using a Touch Go machine, you can find it under Balances in your top left menu, it is listed as your Cell Number.