Global Electricity is Live!
Your customers can now send Global Electricity to Zimbabwe, Zambia, Malawi, Mozambique, Nigeria, Kenya, and Tanzania.

What is Global Electricity and what countries can it be sent to?
Global Electricity allows residents or foreign nationals in South Africa to buy electricity for family, friends and loved ones who are back home. Customers can send Global Electricity (from South Africa) to Zimbabwe, Zambia, Malawi, Mozambique, Nigeria, Kenya, and Tanzania.

Why is Global Electricity a good product for your customers?
When your customers send Global Electricity back home, they don’t have to wonder what their money is being spent on. They will know it is being used for something essential, like keeping their family and friends’ homes and businesses running, keeping the TV on and the kids entertained, and providing light for the children to do their homework.

Important things to know when selling Global Electricity
• The sender will need to provide the receiver’s meter number.
• Once the customer has paid, you will give them a printed slip which will have a token number on it. Tell them to keep their slip!

Always be sure to remind your customer:
• This will NOT be a direct top-up to the recipient meter!
• The sender (customer) must share his/her token number (on the slip) with the recipient back home.
• The recipient must then enter the token number to their meter.

Here are detailed steps on how to sell Global Electricity on each type of Flash Machine:

1. Select Global Services or Electricity menu
2. Select Global Electricity
3. Enter meter number and confirm
4. Enter amount and confirm FX
5. Confirm transaction summary
6. Sell and print slip!

Flash Go
1. Select Global/Transfers or Electricity menu
2. Select Sell Global Electricity
3. Select Top up recipient meter
4. Enter meter number
5. Enter amount
6. Confirm transaction summary
7. Sell and print slip!

We hope that you found this article useful and will make good commission from Global Electricity.
If you need help, you can call the Flash Call Centre on 083 903 5274 (FREE on MTN) or 084 193 5274 (FREE on Cell C). You can call from any network, but keep in mind that it is only free if you call from MTN or Cell C.

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