Money Transfers

What is a Money Transfer?

Money Transfers allows foreign nationals to send money home to their loved ones living in other countries. With Flash your customers can now pay for their money transfer orders. Money Transfers are available through the following operators: 

Ria Sikhona

Mama Money

What is the benefit of offering money transfers?

  • Traders can earn commission on each money transfer payment.
  • More customers in your store.
  • Customer satisfaction and repeat customers.
  • Customer loyalty within the foreign national community.

Who is Ria Sikhona Money transfers?

Ria Sikhona Money Transfers is a money transfer operator which allows you to send money to more than 180 countries worldwide. You can now make payments for your Ria Sikhona orders at any Flash Shop.  

Who is Mama Money?

Mama Money is a money transfer operator that allows you to send international money transfers to over 50 countries around the world such as Zimbabwe, India, Pakistan, Bangladesh, Nigeria, Ghana, Uganda and many more.

How to accept Money Transfer orders on the Old Flash App

How to accept Money Transfer orders on Old Flash App

  1. Select Money Transfers & Global
  2. Select the Money Transfer Operator
  3. Enter Order Number
  4. Confirm transaction details and press sell
  5. Print Slip

How to accept Money Transfers orders on New Flash App

  1. Select Transfers
  2. Select the Money Transfer Operator
  3. Select Order Number
  4. Enter Order Number
  5. Confirm transaction details and proceed
  6. Receive payment from customer and send
  7. Print Slip

How to accept Money Transfer orders on Solar

  1. Select Global/Transfers
  2. Select the relevant Money Transfer Operator
  3. Enter Order Number
  4. Confirm transaction details, receive payment, and press ok
  5. Print Slip

How do I send with Ria Sikhona Money transfers?

To send with Ria Sikhona, a customer will need to register and create a transaction in the Ria Sikhona App. From this, the sender will get an order reference number. The customer must bring the reference number and cash to the Flash Trader.

To register for Ria Sikhona Money Transfers:

  1. Visit:
  1. Fill in the form and provide your Name, Surname, Address and Nationality.
  2. Submit a copy of your ID, passport or asylum papers AND a selfie of you holding your ID document.
  3. Once you have successfully registered you will receive an SMS
  4. You will be able to create an order within the Ria Sikhona app or using the USSD string *134*660#
  • Print a slip as proof of payment
  • Advise customers to contact the partner they wish to pay about queries before phoning the Call Centre
  • Check with the customer if the details on the confirmation screen are correct before completing the transaction.

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