Money Transfers

What is a Money Transfer?

Money Transfer allows customers to send money from their local Flash shop. Money transfers are a quick and easy way of sending money from South Africa to another country that is supported through:

  • Mama Money

What is the benefit of offering money transfers?

South Africa has a diverse community of international residents who send money home to their families or friends each month.

Money transfer payments often have weekly or monthly cycles, meaning customers will come back to the same shop for their next payment. Customers can now do all their shopping and payments at one shop, saving money on taxi costs and travel time.

How selling money transfers makes your life easier?

  • Extra feet to the store
  • Expand product offering
  • Create customer satisfaction
  • Create customer loyalty
  • Customers do not have to go to shopping malls to send money home.
  • High profits on large transactions

How do I send money with Mama Money?

When you are successfully registered, you will be able to create an order in the app. Put in the details of the recipient and enter the Rand amount you want to send.

Once the order is created, you will receive an SMS with a Pay@ number. You will need to visit your nearest Flash Shop, show them the number and pay the order amount in cash to the Flash trader.

And that’s it, you’ve sent money home!

How to sell Mama Money?

  • Select Transfers/ Vouchers on the main menu
  • Select Send money with Mama Money
  • Enter Pay@ reference number
  • Enter amount in cents
  • Confirmation screen: click OK if the Pay@ reference number and amount is correct
  • Select output option (Print to screen for digital slip or to printer for physical till slip)
  • Till slip for successful transaction prints with details captured.
  • Print a slip as proof of payment
  • Advise customers to contact the partner they wish to pay about queries before phoning the Call Centre
  • Check with the customer if the details on the confirmation screen are correct before completing the transaction.