What security measures do I need to have a safe?

If the shop is occupied 24 hours a day, then none.
If the shop is locked and left unattended then an alarm will be needed.

How long does it take for an installation?

+- 3 weeks from the day the order is submitted

what do I do if I am experiencing technical problems with the safe?

You can contact the Shop2Shop call centre on: 021 023 0291 or 021 023 0260 Or Whatsapp on: 073 089 2712

How long does it take for a Technician to be sent out to resolve the issue?

2 to 3 days.
This is area dependant. WC, GP and KZN should be within 24 hours. Areas far from major cities will take 2 to 3 days.

What is the cancellation process?

An email must be sent to The cancellation process takes +- 1 month

How much does it cost to cancel?

There are no costs involved in a cancellation

What if I want to add a second bank account?

You can mail proof of Bank, ID, and proof of address to

If my safe is down or doesn’t work for a few days during the month, will I still pay full monthly rental?

Yes, but it can be looked at on a case by case and merit basis.

How many collections happen per week for each safe type?

10k safe: 3 days a week
3k safe: 1 day a week
This depends on how busy they are. Collections will be increased without any charge.

How long does it take for money to be credited?

It can depend on slip vs no slip. Under normal circumstances, 5 working days after collection.

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