What is Tap2Pay?

Flash traders can now offer payments with a debit or credit card by buying and using a Tap2Pay machine. Tap2Pay is a card payment machine that connects using Bluetooth to the Tap2Pay app on the TouchGo. Tap2Pay is operated by Shop2Shop in partnership with Flash.

Cost of Tap2Pay machine?

It is sold either as part of a bundle with the Touch Go for R1799, or as a separate unit for R899. Tap2Pay only operates with the Touch Go machine.

What are the Tap2Pay fees?

There is a 2.5% fee that is charged on each card payment

What is the benefit of accepting card payments?

Not all customers carry cash and are likely to spend more if they have the option of card payments. SASSA cards can be used to make payments, attracting many potential customers. Unlike other card machines, Tap2Pay funds reflect immediately in the trader’s Shop2Shop wallet, which can then be transferred into their Flash balance.

How to get a Tap2Pay machine?

You can buy a Tap2pay card machine at any Flash Kiosk or from any Flash Salesman.


Call Centre Numbers

Free on MTN: 0839035274
Free on Cell C: 0841935274

Call Centre hours

Mon: Fri: 08h00 – 20h00
Sat: 09h00 – 18h00
Sun: 09h00 – 17h00
Public Holidays: 09h00 – 17h00

How to setup the Tap2Pay device?

Every Flash trader has a Shop2Shop account created but needs to enter their information using the Shop2shop app on the Touch Go.

  • To create a Shop2Shop account, an email address and password are needed.
  • Once logged into the Shop2Shop app, link your Flash account to the Shop2Shop account.
  • Under Accounts, select Add Account and then select the Flash Account.
  • Name the account, enter your Flash account mobile number, and select Add.
  • Your Flash account will be under the Accounts menu. This is important for transferring funds from Tap2Pay out of the Shop2Shop balance.

How to link Tap2Pay machine to the Shop2Shop account?

  • Under the My Profile tab in the Shop2Shop app select My Devices
  • Select Link New Device
  • Enter the Tap2Pay serial number, which is found on the back of the device
  • A device name is given for the device – such as Jo’s spaza device
  • Then select the orange Link button
  • The device is successfully linked
  • The store name and serial number will show under Tap2Pay Devices
  • The Tap2Pay device has a cable that connects to the Touch Go machine for charging and must be plugged in.

How to accept a card payment?

  • Open the Tap2Pay app
  • If the Bluetooth icon in the top right of the app displays a green light, you’re connected and ready to transact.
  • Select the Card Pay button
  • Enter the payment amount (R5 minimum).
  • Confirm the amount.
  • The customer needs to either insert their card or tap on the Tap2Pay device.
  • The device will show a green tick and successful transaction receipt.
  • Select Print Receipt to print a receipt.
  • The amount, minus a 2.5% transaction fee, will be transferred to the trader’s Shop2Shop account

When do the funds reflect?

  • The funds reflect immediately.
  • Once the transaction has been successfully processed, the funds load into your Shop2Shop balance.
  • You can view the change in balance immediately

How to transfer funds from Shop2Shop to Flash balance?

  • Once the funds are available in the Shop2Shop account, you can transfer across to your Flash balance.
  • Select Transfer on the Shop2Shop App
  • Select My Accounts
  • Enter the transfer amount
  • The From account will be the Shop account (this is the Shop2Shop account).
  • The To account has a dropdown menu where you can then see the Flash accounts (they have cows next to them).

How to view successful transactions in the Tap2Pay app?

  • Launch the menu by pressing the top left menu button (3 white lines).
  • Select History.
  • You will see today’s transactions. The date (at the top of the screen) can be changed depending on which day you want to see.
  • You can then print a receipt again if you wish.

How to view successful transactions in the Shop2Shop app?

  • Select Transaction History
  • Tap2Pay funds will show as Top Up alongside the name of the Tap2Pay device. Eg. Top Up from JO’s spaza 1. Displayed amount will be the transaction minus 2.5% fee.
  • Click on the transaction to see the full payment amount and the 2.5% fee
  • Contact the Shop2Shop call centre for any Tap2Pay related issues on 021 023 0291 or WhatsApp 062 467 5939.

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