Having a Flash machine gives you a whole new world of products and services, making life easier for you and your customers.

Here, we will go through each product and service on your Flash machine.

With your Flash machine, you can:

  • Sell airtime and data
  • Sell electricity
  • Accept prepaid water payments
  • Accept DStv and bill payments
  • Do money transfers
  • Send and sell Flash vouchers
  • Sell 1ForYou vouchers and accept them as payment
  • Sell gaming and entertainment vouchers
  • Sell National Lottery tickets
  • Pay suppliers with Flash balance, not cash
  • Accept CoCare vouchers as payment
  • Order stock


Under Airtime in your product menu, you will find:

  • eeziAirtime – an airtime voucher that works for any major SA network
  • Global Airtime – send airtime to loved ones overseas
  • Airtime voucher for all major SA networks
  • Direct top-up – send the airtime directly to the customer’s cell phone number


Under data in your product menu, you can sell data 2 ways. Either as a voucher for all major SA networks, or as a direct data top-up to the customer’s cell phone number.

Electricity and Water 

Under Electricity and water, you can sell:

  • Electricity vouchers for a specific meter number
  • eeziPower – electricity voucher that works for all registered meters
  • Eskom Blind Vend – for unregistered meters
  • Accept payments for prepaid water
  • Do reprints of water and electricity slips


In the payments screen, you can accept payments for many different products.

  • Accept DStv account payments
  • Accept bill payments with Pay@ (see full list of billers at payat.co.za)
  • Accept retailer account payments with A+ billing
  • Pay your suppliers using your Flash balance with Pay with Flash


Under Tranfers/1ForYou, you have 7 different product and services options.

  • Sell 1ForYou vouchers
  • Accept 1ForYou as payment for goods in your shop
  • Sell Flash vouchers
  • Send Flash balance to other Flash machines
  • Send money overseas with Mama Money and Mukuru
  • Accept CoCare vouchers as payment for goods in your shop


Under RICA, you can RICA customer SIM cards and Starter Packs for Vodacom, MTN, Cell C and Telkom Mobile.


Entertainment covers all the vouchers you can sell for streaming, gaming, travel and more.

  • Netflix
  • Uber
  • Uber Eats
  • Spotify
  • Roblox
  • PlayStation and PlayStation Plus
  • Xbox, Game Pass, Game Pass Ultimate, Xbox Live
  • PUBG
  • Razer Gold
  • Green Man Gaming
  • Free Fire


Under Gaming, you can sell National Lottery products

  • Lotto tickets
  • Powerball tickets

If you’ve got any questions, please call the Flash Call Centre.

083 903 5274 (Free to call on MTN)

084 193 5274 (Free to call on Cell C)

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