You can now pay these suppliers using your Flash balance.
– Clover
– Coca Cola
– Simba


This is how you can pay suppliers on your Flash machine:

Flash TouchGo & Flash Business App:
1. On your selling screen select Payments
2. Select Pay with Flash
3. Select Approved beneficiary
4. Enter payment amount
5. Enter Reference (invoice number)
6. Enter Ref Cellphone (drivers’ number)
7. Select Pay and confirm details
8. Select Ok, confirm payment and print slip
*Print slip option only available on Flash Machine


1. Select the Flash Menu
2. Select Payments (Dstv)
3. Select Pay with Flash
4. Select amount to be paid (in cents)
5. Select Flash number/ Supplier Short Code
*If you enter the supplier company short code (6 digits or less)
*If you enter Flash number use your 10 digit Flash number

6. Enter reference number (invoice or order number)
7. Enter number for notification (your cellphone number)
8. Press OK after confirming payment details
9. Print receipt and payment confirmation will reflect


If you have questions about Pay with Flash Payments or available suppliers, please call the Flash Call Centre:
083 903 5274 (Free to call on MTN)
084 193 5274 (Free to call on Cell C)

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