Help your customers unlock the best in local and international entertainment, anywhere, anytime, on any screen, and watch your commission stack up. Showmax offers tons of local content, as well as series exclusives, movies, kids channels and more.

We know what you’re thinking – budgets are tight and times are tough for customers. This is true, but with mobile plans from R39 per month, there’s something for everyone.

Showmax plans at the time of publishing this post (check their website for the latest plans):

  • Showmax Mobile plan R39. 00 per month (VAT inclusive). Focus for us
  • Showmax plan R99. 00 per month (VAT inclusive). Focus for us
  • Showmax Pro Mobile plan R225.00 per month (VAT inclusive)
  • Showmax Pro plan R449.00 per month (VAT inclusive)

If your customers ask why they should consumers pay for Showmax with 1Voucher, here are some good points and benefits:

  • 1Voucher offers you another way to pay for online services and products.
  • 1Voucher is an easy, convenient, and secure way to turn cash into a digital voucher.
  • 1Voucher gives everyone the freedom to shop, pay, play, and top up online.
  • 1Voucher is trusted by thousands of South Africans.

If your customers ask how to pay Showmax with 1Voucher, you can tell them how simple it is:


Good luck! And remember: the more people you show and tell, the more 1Vouchers you’ll sell. Need more info on 1Voucher partners (and more reasons to sell it)? Click here.


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