Flash Vendor Standard Terms and Conditions.

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  1. 1. Introduction
    1.1 These terms and conditions govern your relationship with Flash. By downloading and using our app you agree to and accept our terms and conditions. If you do not agree and accept, please do not use our app or uninstall it from your device.
    1.2 Please take special note of the paragraphs printed in bold as they may limit our responsibility or involve some risk for you.
    2. How to interpret these terms and conditions
    2.1 In these terms and conditions, the words on the left have the meanings set out on the right unless the context clearly shows that the parties intended a different meaning:
    2.1.1 Access Codes means any of your secret numbers used to access our app, including your password, username and secret word;
    2.1.2 App means the Flash Business application for your device;
    2.1.3 App Store means your device`s application store provided by Apple or Android, as is applicable to you, from which you download the app;
    2.1.4 Account means your trader account which is set up in the Flash account management system (using a unique account identifier);
    2.1.5 Device means the mobile device you use to access the app;
    2.1.6 Flash/us/we/our means Flash Mobile Vending (Pty) Ltd, a private company with registered address at 36 Stellenberg Road, Parow Industria;
    2.1.7 Personal Information means information about an identifiable, natural or juristic person, including but not limited to, information about race, gender, marital status, nationality, ethnic or social origin, sexual orientation, age, physical or mental health, religion, belief, disability, language, birth, education, identity number, telephone number, email, postal or street address, location through your device`s GPS;
    2.1.8 Prepayment means an advance payment of an amount of money by you which is reflected against your account; A prepayment refers to the topping up of your Flash balance on the Flash Business App
    2.1.9 Profile means the digital identity you create when registering for the app and which will be linked to your account;
    2.1.10 RICA Act means the Regulation of Interception of Communications and Provision of Communication-Related Information Act, 70 of 2002;
    2.1.11 Transactions mean the different transactions or activities that can be performed by you via the app, whether as principal or in your capacity as agent and includes the vending and distribution of products, bill payments, transfer or prepayment and RICA activities. Transact has a similar meaning;
    2.1.12 UserGuide/Quick Start Guidemeansthemanual which explains how to operate the app and transact, as updated from time to time;
    2.1.13 You means the person who registered for the app;
    3. Registration
    3.1 You must register for the app by giving permissions to your personal information and by
    following the prompt after you have downloaded the app on the device.
    3.2 When you register you must create a profile for secure use of the app.
    3.3 In completing the above registration process and accepting the terms and conditions asset
    out here, you authorize us to verify any information you provide to us. During the verification process, should it be needed, we do reserve the right to request additional documentation from time to time.
    3.4 Your account may only be used for the purpose of which it was intended. You also confirm that you will not accept or transact where: (1) any unlawful or illegal activity (2) counterfeit tender or (3) suspicious behaviour is detected or noted by your customer.
    4. Use of the app
    4.1 You should only use the latest version of the app. Failure to update may result in functions not working correctly and you may experience data errors or security issues for which we will not be liable under any circumstances.
    4.2 You must use software and hardware suitable for the app. If you do not, the app may not work properly, and this could increase your security risk.
    5. Fees and costs
    5.1 There are no subscription costs to access the app.
    5.2 Standard data costs will be charged when you download the app and thereafter when you transact through the app. These costs are charged by your mobile network operator.
    6. Transacting using the app
    6.1 You must make a prepayment to us before you will be able to perform transactions. A prepayment, or topping up your Flash balance, can be done as explained on the Flash website (www.flash.co.za). In some instances, you will receive a voucher when you make a prepayment. You must communicate the voucher PIN to Flash within a period of 3 years after the date of issue of the voucher in order to load your account with the relevant amount – if you fail to load within the 3-year period, the voucher will expire.
    6.2 The different types of transactions that can be performed are subject to change from time to time.
    6.3 The prepayment or any balance thereof can in no instance be redeemed for cash or by way of a deposit into a bank account and can only be used to performtransactions.
    6.4 You must ensure that you have enough prepayment to cover the amount of the transaction, where applicable.
    6.5 Your prepayment will immediately be reduced with the amount of each transaction, where applicable.
    6.6 You authorise us to carry out any and all transactions which are authenticated by your access code(s).
    6.7 You must make sure that you log out of the app when you have finished using it to prevent anyone else from using it.
    6.8 In our own discretion, we may allow you to perform a transaction without sufficient prepayment from time to time without prejudice to our right in any subsequent transaction to deny such transaction where sufficient prepayment does notexist.
    6.9 You will be entitled to such fees, commissions and discounts as may be applicable to transactions from time to time. These amounts will be used to increase your prepayment and cannot be redeemed for cash.
    6.10 In all instances where we appoint you as our agent, you must act strictly within your mandate.
    6.11 All transactions are in real time. It is therefore important that you check the transaction details and details of the bill issuer (where applicable) before submitting the transaction.
    No reversal of a voucher or instruction is permitted once a voucher is requested by you or an instruction is given to us.
    6.12 You may not charge any additional fees, costs or commissions to what is indicated on the app.
    7 Regulatory requirements
    7.1 You must at all times comply with applicable laws, including the RICA Act, and indemnifies Flash against any loss or liability it may suffer as a result of non-compliance by you.
    7.2 Electricity: The ability to distribute electricity vouchers are area specific and may not be available in your area. There are specific requirements applicable to the distribution of electricity vouchers which can be found online at www.flash.co.za
    8 Starter Packs
    8.1 By selling or distributing Flash starter packs to you, we appoint you to sell starter packs to end-users only. This appointment can be revoked at any time.
    8.2 You must act in strict accordance with the instructions and directions provided and standards set by Flash from time to time.
    8.3 You will be entitled to such fees, commissions or discounts as communicated to you and which is subject to change from time to time.
    9 RICA
    9.1 If you sell Flash starter packs, you must comply with the RICAAct.
    9.2 The requirements ofthe RICA Act are communicated to you online at www.flash.co.za under the “RICA Document” and you agree to comply with these requirements. The customers
    need to show their green ID book or passport accompanied by proof of residence.
    9.3 The app provides you with a communication link to send an end user`s RICA data and the relevant SIM card number to us or a cellular network.
    9.4 The app enables you to RICA only Flash starter packs and we do not appoint you as our agent to RICA any starter packs other than Flash stock.
    9.5 You may only use the app and you may not use any other device or solution to RICA Flash starter packs.
    9.6 We may require you to provide us with documents and information pertaining to you before we activate the RICA capability of your app.
    9.7 You may not allow anyone else to use the app with your access code to RICA anend-user.
    9.8 Flash reserves the right to terminate or suspend the RICA capability of the app immediately if:
    9.8.1 You fail to comply with the provisions of the RICA Act, the RICA Document and/or these terms and conditions;
    9.8.2 You fail to RICA for a continuous period of 4 months.
    10 Security
    10.1 You understand that the use of the app with the access codes allows access to your prepayment.
    10.2 You must make sure that you keep the device and access codes secret and secure and do not compromise any safety measures.
    10.3 If another person gets hold of your access codes by whatever means, we will regard you as having authorised this person to access your prepayment on your behalf, as your agent with full authority to do so.
    10.4 You must notify us immediately if you have reason to think that someone else obtained your access codes or if your device/SIM card is lost. Any losses or costs incurred prior to notification will be for your account.
    10.5 If the SIM card in your device is lost, stolen or damaged you must inform the South African Police Service in writing.
    10.6 We are committed to providing safe online services. All uses of the app and transactions through it are protected by encryption at international standards. The personal information you send through the app is encrypted. Only our authorised employees or agents have access to information related to the app.
    11 Changes
    We are entitled to change these terms and conditions. We will give you notice of any change via updating the respective documents online at www.flash.co.za. Your continued use of the app means that you have accepted such changes.
    12 Intellectual property
    12.1 Subject to any intellectual property rights held by any other third parties:
    12.1.1We keep all intellectual property and intellectual rights in and to all content (including, but not limited to, all proprietary information, trademarks and copyright in any logos and other devices or storage media) in or sent to, through and from the app; and
    12.1.2We grant you a non-assignable, non-sub-licensable, non-transferable, nonexclusive license to use the app, which may include updates and/or upgrades, only for purposes outlined in these terms and for no other purposes. You may not sublicence such third- party content, including intellectual property rights ssociated
    with it.
    12.2 You acknowledge that you:
    12.2.1Will in no way represent that you have any rights of any nature in any current and future intellectual property belonging to us, and/or any third parties featured on the app;
    12.2.2Will not use the current and future intellectual property that belongs to us and/or any third party that is featured on the app in any manner whatsoever or any other intellectual property which is identical, similar and/or confusingly similar thereto in any country;
    12.2.3Will not apply for or obtain registration of any current and future intellectual property that belongs to us and/or any third party that is featured on the app, or any other intellectual property which may be confusingly similar thereto in any country;
    12.2.4Will not challenge the rights to the current and future intellectual property that belongs to us, and/or any third party that is featured on the app in any country
    12.2.5Will not do, or omit to do, or cause to be done any act or thing which would be expected to weaken, damage, be detrimental to or in any way impair or tend to impair the current and future intellectual property that belongs to us and/or any third party that is featured on the app or the reputation and goodwill associated therewith or the foregoing parties, or which would be expected to jeopardise or invalidate any registration of current and future intellectual belonging to the foregoing parties; and
    12.3 You indemnify us against all actions, claims, costs, demands, expenses and other liabilities suffered or incurred by us as are result of any third party claims initiated and/or instituted against us relating to your unauthorised use of the app, the content therein and/or any other intellectual property and intellectual property rights flowing
    13 App Store. You acknowledge and agree:
    13.1 These terms are entered into between you and us. Since the app is made available through the App Store, the App Store is a third party under these terms and will also have the right to enforce these terms against you;
    13.2 To the maximum extent allowed by law, the App Store does not give or enter into any warranty, condition or other term in relation to the app and will not be liable to you for any claims, losses, costs or expenses of whatever nature in relation to the app or as a result of you or anyone else using the app or relying on any of its content;
    13.3 Any claims relating to the licence to the app, possession or use of the app are between you and us (and not between you, or anyone else, and the App Store), including but not limited to, product liability claims, any claim that the app fails to conform to any applicable legal or regulatory requirement and claims under consumer protection legislation; and
    13.4 If any claim by a third party that your possession or use (in line with these terms) of the app infringes any intellectual property rights, the App Store will not be liable to you in relation to that claim.
    14 Your Personal Information
    14.1 By registering, you consent:
    14.1.1To us collecting, using and storing your personal information, including cellphone number, name, identity number and transactional information. “Personal information” provided during the registration process or thereafter and your transactional information to comply with legal and regulatory obligations, including requirements in terms of the Financial Intelligence
    Centre Act, 2002;
    14.1.2That educational and/or informative messages will be sent to you;
    14.1.3To receive notifications if your account is dormant and if it will be closed. The consent provided in terms of clause 14.1 above is voluntary, but if you do not provide such consent to us, we will not be able to open your account.
    14.2 Where you have given your consent, you also agree to:
    14.2.1The processing of your personal information by us and other companies in our group, any of its operators, commercial partners, agents and sub-contractors (who may be outside South Africa and in countries that do not have similar data protection laws to South Africa) on the condition that they will keep such information confidential and will only use your personal information for the purposes of providing information about products and services to you;
    14.2.2The collection of your personal information from any other source to supplement the personal information which we have about you;
    14.2.3The retention by us of your personal information for as long as permitted for legal, regulatory, fraud prevention and marketing purposes;
    14.2.4Us using your personal information to send you information about products, services, and special offers of the various companies in our group and commercial partners that may be of interest or value to you;
    14.2.5Us conducting a credit enquiry about you with any credit bureau or credit provider and providing your personal information, including the manner in which you conduct your account, to: credit risk management services (including credit bureaux); and/or crime prevention agencies.
    14.3 Subjectto applicable law, you may accessthe personal information Flash has about you by contacting our call centre and request that applicable corrections bemade.
    14.4 If you are unhappy about the way we process your personal information, you should contact our call centre. Alternatively, you may lodge a complaint to the Information Regulator.
    14.5 The responsible party is Flash Mobile Vending (Pty) Ltd with address at 36 Stellenberg Road, Parow Industria.
    14.6 If you choose to be excluded from direct marketing campaigns in the future from us, you must advise us by contacting the call centre you can advise us in writing or register a block on any registry which we are bound by law to recognise. We will not charge you a fee to update this request on our systems and we will give effect to changes as soon as reasonably possible.
    15 Confidentiality
    15.1 All information identified by Flash as confidential or which, you should reasonably identify as confidential, including business, commercial (discounts etc), end-user, scientific or technical information, as well as any price list whether current or not, received by or made available to you pursuant to your relationship with Flash, shall be regarded by you as confidential and shall be treated accordingly and not be disclosed to third parties, or used for any purpose other than that for which it was disclosed, without the prior written consent of Flash.
    15.2 In particular, you shall not, directly or indirectly communicate any information regarding or relating to an end-user to any third party other than in the compliance with the obligations of these terms and conditions or as may be required in law, from time to time.
    15.3 The provisions of this clause 15 shall survive any termination of our relationship with you.
    16 Termination and suspension
    16.1 We are entitled to cancel, terminate or suspend your use of the Flash system in respect of all transactions or selected types of transactions immediately, or any combination of these actions, as may be permissible in law, without prejudice to any of our other rights (that is, without barring or limiting any future action), if:
    16.1.1 We have reason to believe that the app has been or is likely to be misused;
    16.1.2 Suspect any illegal use of the app;
    16.1.3 You gave false or inaccurate information;
    16.1.4 You fail and/or refuse to follow our User Guide/Quick Start Guide or other instructions;
    16.1.5 You are in breach of these terms and conditions or the provisions of any other agreement between us;
    16.1.6 Law forces us; or
    16.1.7 If we need to protect our interest.
    16.2 We reserve the right to terminate or suspend your access to the app uponnotice, without any liability to you or any third party.
    16.3 You may also terminate your relationship with us with immediate effect upon notice to us.
    16.4 Upon termination you will not be entitled to redeem your prepayment or any balance thereof in cash but will be allowed to purchase airtime until the prepayment is depleted.
    17 Disclaimer, Limitation of Liability & Indemnity
    17.1 We will make every effort to ensure that the app is continually available to you.
    17.2 The functioning of the app is, however, dependent on factors beyond our control, including but not limited to, the availability and performance of the relevant mobile telephone network, any third-party integration system which provides a service on the app, the performance and compatibility of your device with the app.
    17.3 If the app is not available due to a factor beyond our control, or where the app is available, however, but some transactions are offline due to third parties being offline, we will not be held liable for this.
    17.4 You use the app at your own risk. The app is not error-free and is being provided “AS IS” without warranty of any kind.
    17.5 We will not in any circumstances be liable for any consequential or indirect losses however these may arise or for any other unusual losses. In particular, Flash shall not
    be liable for any financial loss, loss of business, profit, savings, revenue, or goodwill suffered or sustained by you howsoever arising.
    17.6 We will not be liable for any claims, loss or damage resulting from claims that products or services are defective where we act as agent for the supplier thereof.
    17.7 You indemnify Flash against any loss suffered by it, whether direct or consequential or claims instituted against Flash by virtue of your use of the app.
    18 Dormancy & Expiry
    If there are no transactions on your account for a period of 85 (eighty-five) consecutive days, Flash will classify your account as dormant and you will have to call the Flash call centre to reactivate your account again. If there are no transactions on your Account for a period of 3 years, your prepaid credit will expire.
    19 General
    19.1 You are not, without the consent of Flash, entitled to cede, delegate or sub-license all or any of its rights and/or obligations in terms of your contractual relationship with Flash
    to any third party. Flash shall not be bound by such a provision and you hereby expressly consent to any such cession and/or delegation of rights and/or obligations by Flash.
    19.2No indulgence, leniency or extension of time which Flash may grant or show to you shall in any way prejudice Flash or preclude Flash from exercising any of its rights in the future.
    19.3 You may not change any of these terms
    19.4 No waiver of any right of Flash, shall be effective unless reduced to writing and signed by Flash.
    19.5 Flash shall not be bound by any representation, express or implied term, warranty, promise or the like not recorded herein or in the RICA Document