News | 15.10.2020
What is 1ForYou?

1ForYou is the digital payment solution for cash customers in South Africa. Get your cash online, make payments & top up wallets. […]

News | 28.08.2020
Flash and DG Murray Trust Launch Electronic Food Voucher

Flash & the DG Murray Trust launch the CoCare Voucher Initiative to help with food security in areas that need it most.

News | 28.08.2020
COVID-19: Providing vulnerable communities with essential services

Flash supports the informal economy and provides communities with essential services during lockdown.

News | 28.08.2020
COVID-19: The role retail can play

We unpack the unique role Flash and retail can play during the COVID-19 lockdown.

News | 28.08.2020
Trader Training: We’ve got their backs

Traders are and always will be at the centre of everything that we do here at Flash.

News | 28.08.2020
Chelsea on Culture: Developing our people

At Flash, putting culture on the back-burner was never an option. In fact, it has become a central part of our operations.

News | 28.08.2020
Artificial Intelligence explained by Jatin Harribhai

While science fiction often portrays Artificial Intelligence (AI) as robots ready to take over the world, developments in the area have led to rather marvellous creations.

News | 28.08.2020
Changing lives one smile at a time

Operation Smile is changing lives one smile at a time. Flash is honoured to be a part of their journey.

News | 28.08.2020
Marceline’s Operation Smile story

“When my name was called for surgery, I was so excited I was shaking,”

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