FLASH Year-End Function 2018

Location: Gate 69, Cape Town CBD

Dress code: Summer smart

Expectation: Memorable

Reality: Lunacy


The evening of our year-end function began with guests being ushered into the venue by the 6-foot-8 host(ess) in 6-inch heels Miss Cathy Specific, a drag artist with height and make-up enough to startle Shaquille O’Neal.

An incredible host, Cathy embraces you for a picture and you find your way indoors where you share the tale of the extremely tall woman with your colleagues, who all recount the same story.

Immediately there’s a sense of shared wonder and bemusement – 10/10.

A free bar tab has the awkwardness of socialising with your colleagues outside work declared a non-entity, and we’re off.

Once the hoards had assembled, and many had plied themselves with enough drink to sink a ship, we were motioned upstairs to hear some speeches lead by our charismatic leaders. We spoke achievements, vision, and dedication to the 2019 plan.

A receptive crowd absorbed and appreciated the well thought out conclusion to the year. A sea of FLASH employees stood beaming at the prospect of another incredible year, and the inspiration was complete. This soon made way for a pastel blur of light, sound, and drag queens.

Mike Morris, our ever-energetic Product Director, showed off his textbook worm while some (including this copywriter) were singled out for one-on-one time on stage with Miss Specific.

Thereafter, the real treat, a full half an hour performance by our host and her “Trolly Dollies” that won’t be forgotten in a hurry. Each performance was executed to perfection, with a healthy blend of tongue-in-cheek banter thrown in with highly impressive production.

Once the show ended to a chorus of rapturous applause, the mingling began in earnest. Due to the kindness of the venue and our directors, the bar remained open (and free) until midnight, and the rest, as they say, is history.

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