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After getting off the taxi in Khayelitsha, Thandi realises that she forgot to buy airtime at the supermarket in town. It’s her Gogo’s birthday and now she cannot send her an SMS.

This short story is true for many people living in rural areas. Without access to virtual services, they depend on those brief moments in urban areas to top up their accounts and pay bills – usually coupled with long queues and wasted time! But when you start selling FLASH in your community, you can help change the South African informal market for good…  

Moments later, Thandi spots a FLASH sign meaning she can top up her phone around the corner from her house. While in her local FLASH Shop, Thandi remembers she needs bread and milk, which she can buy in store as well. Now her local spaza shop has become her one stop, get it all shop.

FLASH has become a solution for local stores to offer their customers more products and services using our device or mobile app. There are many reasons why any business should offer FLASH products in their shops.


Why Become a FLASH Business?


FLASH can help your business grow from just another corner shop to everyone’s favourite local store. It has changed the way the informal market does business – just ask Thandi. Her Gogo is a FLASH fan, too! 

FLASH gives you the chance to change your community.  Anyone living in a rural area would usually need to travel far distances to pay for electricity and airtime. FLASH helps to turn any spaza shop into a place where locals can buy these products.  

FLASH means you can get more customers. More services and products mean that your shop becomes more attractive in the community. Like Thandi, customers can get everything that they need in one place. They do not have to go anywhere else and you become their shop of choice. 

FLASH means you can earn more profit. FLASH offers businesses commission on all products sold. However, because your shop is now the shop of choice in your community, you will start selling more of your own stock too, which means you start making even more profit. 


How to Get Started?


Becoming a FLASH Business is easy – all you need is a FLASH device or the mobile app. You can purchase a FLASH device from any FLASH Kiosk, located nationwide. 

Once you have your device or have registered using the mobile app, you will need to top up using a FLASH voucher.  You can top up your FLASH balance at any FLASH SupaTraderFLASH Kiosk, retail or banking partner.

Ready to join the FLASH family?

When you join FLASH, you get our full support. We will provide you with the branding you need to make a success FLASH Business. We will also provide you with a support team that will make sure you have everything you need to keep running your business successfully.  

Want to learn more about the FLASH business? Contact us today.   

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