Part 1: FLASH Directors take on The Namib for Operation Smile

The infamous Four Deserts Races are not for the faint of heart. Some competitors put themselves through the gruelling test of physicality and willpower to overcome a multi-stage ultra-marathon for the sake of proving something to themselves. Others do it to positively affect the lives of those less fortunate than themselves. Paul Potter and Mike Morris will be taking on this “Race of Champions” in the merciless heat of the Namib Desert. The 6 stage, 250km challenge represents one of many events the two have chosen to overcome together, and Operation Smile represents another admirable and worthy cause they’re championing.

Operation Smile is an NPO with a refreshing and inspirational vision: to dream of a world where no child suffers from a lack of access to safe surgery. They host sponsored surgical missions and operate on youths with cleft lips and palates free of charge, saving these underserved youngsters from ridicule, cultural stigmatism, and professional bias, affording them a life worth enjoying.

Support Mike and Paul as they take on a torturous trial of heat, dust, and sweat. Support an initiative that routinely triumphs over far greater odds to give under-resourced youths a new lease on life, while positively affecting their communities through education and awareness.

All proceeds raised will be dedicated to sponsoring surgical weekends in South Africa. One surgery costs R5500, all donations are welcome, and every cent contributes towards permanently changing a life for the better.

Donate to Operation Smile South Africa:
Account name: Operation Smile South Africa
Bank name: Standard Bank
Account number: 070 43 1566
Branch code: 020909
Reference: 4/Mike and Paul

Operation Smile South Africa would love to thank you personally for your donation and ask that you please forward proof of payment to Kerryn Thomas at for them to do so.

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Together we can change the lives of families affected by cleft lip and palate.

Part Two available here. 

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