Our People are our Family

Within the FLASH family there is a discernible feeling of mutual respect, a feeling that pervades through the business that helps solidify our purpose to make people’s lives easier, and it’s no accident.

From recruitment to training and into our daily operations, FLASH employees are bound by a bond and commitment to deliver the promises we make to our stakeholders and each other. This means that for us to succeed as we have, FLASH employees are accountable, determined, and loyal to one another.

We expect the best out of each other because we all know our capabilities, and it’s this herd accountability that keeps us honest, grounded, and most of all, close to one another.

Through our values of having each other’s backs, being all in, and being brave, we have a framework within which we are heard, appreciated, and encouraged to strive for greatness by our peers. These values emphasize what we hope to achieve and maintain through our work relationships, both inter and intra-departmentally.

We are hired for our talent, our grit, and because we fit together, we’re a family through and through. Together we fall, and together we build each other up to find success once again. Armed with a desire to give ourselves entirely to the success of our purpose, the FLASH family is one that stays tight despite how fast we’re growing and the height of our ambitions.

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