Sell Gift Cards: Netflix, Spotify, Uber & Uber Eats

Life can be difficult for customers. Gift shopping, for example, often means expensive trips into town. Luckily for you (and them!), Flash is in the business of making life easier – not more difficult. Now you can sell them a gift card from your Flash machine!

Offer customers more than just airtime and electricity!

When it comes to last-minute gift ideas, make your shop their one-stop-shop. Your Flash machine can sell top-up gift vouchers for some of the biggest and best online stores, which makes life easier for customers and you!

Here are some gift vouchers you can sell in your community today:

Netflix: Sell customers a month-long NETFLIX subscription so that they can watch their favourite TV shows, documentaries and movies.

Spotify: No ads, no problems. Sell customers a SPOTIFY subscription so that they can have access to uninterrupted music for 1, 3 or 6 months! And if they don’t have a Spotify account? No problem! Spotify is free to set up and easy to use.

Uber: Sell customers the gift of travel with UBER. Now they can ditch the taxi and drive around town in style.

Uber Eats: Nothing says love more than food. So, encourage customers to buy an UBER EATS voucher for their friend so that they can top up their phone and stomach with their favourite meal.

When it comes to topping up their life, no one does it better than Flash. Now, this is what we call #MakingLifeEasier


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